“U are the 1” – It’s On..!!!

U are the 1aAfter many months of putting the programs together to cover the zones the “U are the 1” Youth Carnival will kick off with the Yoyo Championships in Kuching. The Female Designers Fashion Competition and Sarawaks Battle of the Bands will be having their auditions in Bintulu,Sarikei and Bau respectively.

The Semi Finals and Finals will be held in Kuching on the 10th and 12th October 2014 to coincide with the Imagine Guinness World Record Retro Walk.

It’s all systems go and the Club 1BFF will be looking forward to the events,


One thought on ““U are the 1” – It’s On..!!!

  1. prs says:

    Too many syiok sendiri syndrome activities and programs which are Non- Academics in nature.
    No wonder Malaysian students ranked 39 out of 44 countries in the world in creative problem solving skills under PISA in 2012.
    Festival, carnivals,Festa,concerts,regatta, Fanfares,beauty contests and many more which are all Swakian favour wouldn’t make our youths more creative and innovative except sense of enjoyment and joys.

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