CM Sarawak “1995 to 2011 to 2014…Finally..??”

1bn1 It remains a speculation going into the PBB Supreme Council on Saturday 8th February and into the BN Sarawak Full Council Meeting the following day.

Has it been decided or will it be revealed even before the BN Full Council..?? All pure speculations and words which only Taib will answer and obviously there will be Ahs..Oooh..No,No,No we still need you to be CM Sarawak Pehin Sri. Someone (no we can’t reveal could we..hmm)  is ready now..( you will know sooner rather than later..)

The Chief Minister will be calm and he will take the necessary stride and thank all for their concerns but he too wished to pass on the baton. A truly close aide of CM Taib said,” only when you pass on the baton you will be realised as a great and true statesman of Sarawak.” This time Taib raised his eyebrow and concurred. He has made up his mind and as a TRUE GENTLEMAN AND A PRINCIPLED LEADER HE WILL LISTEN TO THIS ADVICE FROM HIS BEST FRIEND FOREVER.