Marina Mahathir “Harsh Words…??”


No Protests only bearing flowers and that is how Malaysia should be. The message on solidarity is very clear as expressed by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir .


Her quotes,”Who wants to visit a Malaysia like this where there is no moderation?

“Hardly an example of moderation, we are now known as a country which grabs Bibles,” she said outside the church.”

Marina arrived at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Klang, bearing a bouquet of flowers, with members from non-governmental organisation (NGO),  Sisters in Islam (SIS), and several others who turned up in a show of solidarity with Christians.

“We are here to show solidarity with the congregation. A lot of us here are Muslims and we believe Islam is a religion of peace.

“It is not something that we only say (in words), but there must also be action,” she told journalists outside the church.


9 thoughts on “Marina Mahathir “Harsh Words…??”

  1. umNO politicians and their idiot leaders are the root cause to race + religion problems in Malaysia now…..wake up true Malaysians….reject those bad politicians and Malaysia will be peaceful …..Any good Malaysians will praise and vote Respected Marina Mahathir if she is in any political party…..Malaysians need this people with HEART + BRAIN to be our good leader…..STEP ASIDE ….mr & mrs najib…..

  2. GOD bless us all with Eye,Hand,Leg,Mouth,Nose,Ear,Heart,Brain and all useful organ to be useful human being….but those bad + greedy politicians don’t know how to use what GOD bless them with ….that $$$$$ can’t buy….I’ll not be sympathy those idiot but pity them because in their next life…..GOD will not allow them to be human being anymore …WHY? …because they use all the GOD blessing to cheat and do bad things….animals will be their next category …shit

    • From 2008 till today,Msia has well known for nothing except the tussle of the word ” Allah ‘,an Arabic word for God between Christian and Muslim.It is stupidest arguments and make a laughing stock to the the whole world,Msia boleh is actually Tak Boleh.

  3. 2014,an economically trying or thriving year is yet to be seen.
    With the new 2014 Racing Horse become dying and Tiring Horse.
    Najid advises Msians to change living lifestyles,spending habits and worst tighten belts to face woeful situations

  4. umNO@ perKASAR really full of rubbish and their brain is something wrong…..they must list down names and words that they want to copyright so that the whole world peoples can be ban from using their copyright whatever laaa….If thiis rubbish goons still cari pasai with others….methink other SUPER POWER will come here to teach them what BULLY really are ….kakakakakakaka

    • As long as Msia continues to be managed by ” M ” Mediocre Mindset,it wont fare well and far or becomes developed country by 2050,let alone 2020.World Bank states Msia Productivity rate at only 30 % of total work force.

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