SUPP Reconciliation Looks Bleak..??

supp29 The SUPP crisis deepens as any hope of reconciliation looks bleak as the top two “individuals” involved are seemingly at each others throats. The only possible SOLUTION would be the reply from ROS. The D-G of ROS will refer this matter to the Minister who in turn will access the situation before any drastic measures are taken into consideration.

Meanwhile the parties concerned will still slug it out openly and no one will “GIVE WAY” unless the invisible hands says otherwise. It’s a delicate situation as both factions are evenly supported in terms of numbers and powers behind.

Some political observers are of the same opinion that the FLOODGATES would open by the eventual “sacking of Wong Soon Koh from SUPP” if no reply is received within the specified time. They will be more mudslinging and the truth will prevail.

“FEDUP” Oh yeah !!  But many still await the final judgement of SUPP……

Earlier audie61 wrote :-

  3. throats/

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