UMNO to Sarawak.?


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pbb&umno.The challenge is there for all to see. 5 new political parties approved to Sarawak and the overcrowding political scene is not a matter of choice for the people but something looms behind. PBB and other Sarawak political leaders plus political watchers will say it will not happen as long as Taib Mahmud is still the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

True to a certain extend but many UMNO 2nd echelon leaders thinks otherwise. What is so special with Sarawak that it holds UMNO with both hands? 25 seats won out of 31 in the last GE13 and a shift to the otherside will see a crumble of BN. Please this is an “old tell tale story” cooked up which has been past down for 30 years.

The delineation of all the rural seats have been done to ensure that the ruling government stays in power until the people in all…

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