BN Wake Up Call..??

paper 2A veteran journalist said to me sounding very arrogantly “I dont need to belong to a party to know whats going on inside” Of course he has every right to say that and its only his very own opinion. We can rant and shout and tell him he knows “nuts” but is it worth it ?

Why should we as politicians give him the benefit of doubt. Politics is about Perception and every party have their ways and means to run their own party. It is up to the Leadership to maintain its grip on the coalition it aligns itself with be it Pakatan or BN. Some parties are still outside the 2 party system and they too know how to ensure that their seats remains intact in every elections.

There are various columns written by journalists,columnists and so called political experts/analysis and mosts of it is obviously given by insider sources and those who wants the news to spread like wildfire be it truth or rumours.

The writer here audie61 have sat in the Supreme Council of PRS from 2004-2008 and is still a Divisional chairman of BN/SPDP and when we are given a run down by our so called experts on our party and BN in general it does hurt.

Let me be direct on this point,” We toe the line my friend in a political system and we dont simply run down our President nor our own YBs or Divisional chiefs. We stand firm and stand behind the party. There is no need to compete with each other on how we will maintain our partys credibility and also to compare.

PBB is strong due to the fact that the party YBs all work hard on the ground and less politiking and elections after elections they maintain the foothold of their respective constituencies. PRS likewise is doing the same and so is my party SPDP. SUPP needs to sort itself out soon or they will suffer greatly in the next State Elections. ( this is also in response to the writers opinions of SUPP Miri)

BN Sarawak knows their weaknesses and they try to assist the parties in trouble but only if they are willing to LISTEN AND NEEDS HELP. Parties are all govern by Societies Act 1966 and their constitution and its up to the parties and in this instant SUPP to sort themselves out.

Of course in the height of the crisis in PRS when I was engulfed in flames and could not careless a PBB YB said to me,”We must walk around the constitution eventhough its laws governing the party but one must remember he said it has got to come down to POLITICAL DECISION” 

There was also negotiating here and there but due to 2008 political tsunami the fight in PRS became  history. The top leaders had to look after their own reputations and also their own rice bowls and those who were caught in crossfire were left to febnd for themselves {myself included which was the worst time of my political career}

Many political careers are made and losts by wrong decisions or for YBs/MPs when they losts in elections. The point for journalists/writers they can write until they are satisfied but to politicians they have to pick up and have another go or sail into the sunset.

There are many other reasons to write but today the writer which has the column on North View -Like Climbng a mountain this is indeed also a WAKE UP CALL FOR BN SARAWAK…