UMNO Elections Closely Watched by PBB too.


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pbb&umno_The focus after the Hari Raya Celebrations will turn to two(2) BN component parties. UMNO will hold their elections on October 5th 2013. Any movements will definitely be closely watched by all as the outcome of the UMNO elections affects the leadership of the country.

The Tiff between Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah is being monitored very closely. There are also clear indications that camps are already mushrooming. Many in the social media blogs, mass-media fraternity and bloggers aligned to their respective camps are already “ON TOP” of these developments.

Many in the “UMNO family” will be divided as to their choices of  candidates and though the fight might be very bitter it might even caused ‘some permanent damage“. It is only normal to have elections in a democratic process but once the elections are over everyone must be able to accept the lists of elected officials and close ranks. It’s of course…

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4 thoughts on “UMNO Elections Closely Watched by PBB too.

  1. prs says:

    All renowned Islamic scholars and clerics aorund the world are laughing at Msia over usage of the word Allah by other religious,any sense and feeling of shame ?.Mahatir says Malays lack feelings of shame.he must be right then.

  2. prs says:

    Ali Rustam,ex MB of Malaca lost badly in Veep UMNO polls 7/191 .Will he blame the Chinese as what he did during GE 13 ? Where have your loyal Malay supporters gone ?

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