“Extremism,Hardliners NO NO…?”

mole-Malaysia-MuhibbahThe signals are clear for Middle Malaysia. There is no place for extremism or aggressiveness in politics . Middle Malaysia are those middle class wage earners and who represents nearly 70% of the workforce in Malaysia. They have their friends and families who are sitting in comfortable places in higher places and everyday living is enough for them and they thank God for it.

Malaysia’s transformation towards a develop nation in 2020 will be a yardstick for them. They still need to put food on the table,roof over their heads and ensure that their children will be able to finish high school enter universities and have a good career.

Malaysia is going through a passage of time. The hardliners aka veteran politicians  in all the political parties be it MCA,SUPP,UMNO,DAP,PKR,PAS  just do not want to set sail yet into the sunset. They are so afraid that the party cannot do without them. The question in mosts youths which we have interact is that they say,”You will be surprised what we can do and not what they want us to do.”

In school we are taught what we must do but in society and in political parties we want and must express what we are capable of doing meaning for the greater good of the country.

There are the Khairy’s,Tony Puas,Tan Kai’s,Fadillah’s ,T.Mohan’s,Tan Keng Liang’s,Nasrudin Hassan’s,Jahid Jahim’s, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin’s, Wee Ka Siong’s who are more than ready to take over. Somehow,somewhere there are HIDDEN HANDS who are putting  STEEL WRAPPED COLLARS on their necks.

Najib has encouraged and engaged the youths readily and the recent UMNO results shows that UMNO is heeding to the calls by mosts Middle Malaysians that there is NO ROOM WHATSOEVER for extremism in this country of theirs.

The results will have significant shift for the younger generation who sees that if UMNO is able to give the chances to the younger politicians there are chances for them in this country. The young politicians are techsavvy,cool and knowledgable of the country’s needs and Middle Malaysia’s wants.

They Middle Malaysia gave chances aplenty to the Pakatan group and they churned out leaders who has set the standards for BN to emulate. BN will not copy and that’s for sure and its up to BN youth leaders to show their mettle and tell the veteran Chinese leaders ‘we have had enough of all the infighting and let us lead the parties and be ready for radical change

The youth leaders respect their veteran leaders but they also need the time and space to work their own agenda for the better good of middle Malaysia. What got me to write about this piece are thesewords from an internet portal,”For many younger voters, he was like a voice from another generation. For many non-Malays, he was the leader of the right-wing brigade and a reminder of all the excesses of the Mahathir era. ”

How very true? Even amongst the “taiko gangs” if you are out of the scene your influence wanes. You still can call the shots but the younger leaders have many underhands who look up to them for a living and also advice.” The veteran leader and also Taiko have the monetary influence but the young can only swallow so much. No director will be that stupid to show in a ‘gang related movie” that shows a veteran underworld kingpin still managing to pull the strings. Occasionally they do just balance their books. It’s reality and politics too is very real.

The next generation of leaders in BN and Pakatan will need to WIN the minds of middle Malaysia in order to survive in this ‘dog eat dog’ political world. Only those who know how to engage and knows the realities on the ground will be able to adjust themselves in the next generation of politics. Suffice to that there is no room for extremism and a hardline approach as the World is borderless now.

There will not be a return to previous administration of who and which era and PM Najib and Anwar knows that they too will need to call time on their own political careers too. Najib knows that he needs Middle Malaysia to ensure he survives the topsy turvy world of Malaysian politics.

The days of “My Way” are long gone into the annals of Malaysian History for Middle Malaysia. DAP can harp on Malaysia for Malaysians but those are just rhetorics and slogans. Middle Malaysia knows what they want and that is simple. A job to go to, a family to feed,roof over their heads and ensure that their children are well educated. Also they do not need EXTREMISM to send the country to the gutters.

A PKR Malay leader said to audie61,”we in Sarawak wants all races to live as one and not to be bothered about all the extremist elements that there are in the world. I want my children and my grandchildren to be proud of what I am doing and that is NO EXTREMISM AND WE MUST PRACTISE RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE IN SARAWAK “

We listened and when Khairy won with a majority he even telephoned me and said,’that is the challenge which PKR leaders will have to contain with. A young leader Khairy who is a leading moderate and progressive voice in the party” Middle Malaysia is watching on how the party moves forward and also how in the next couple of weeks PBB,MCA,Gerakans,MIC and PAS shuffle their cards in their party elections.

This is the challenge and to win elections the Middle Malaysia needs to be appease and also JOBS aplenty and opportunities must be available. If the country does not ensure that the basic necessities are met for these middle Malaysians the Extremists plus hardliners will capitalise on the situations

Middle Malaysia are not so hard to please and one have only to read the history books to ensure whoever rules the country have to ensure that Malaysia will remain a United,Progressive, and Democratic Nation.

Middle Malaysia cannot and will not tolerate EXTREMISM of any kind….THAT’S A FACT…

5 thoughts on ““Extremism,Hardliners NO NO…?”

  1. prs says:

    Allah not allowed to be used by Muslims,court of appeal rules in favour of Govt.
    What is Audie 61 team stand as loyal supporters of BN.Is it not against of article 11 of the federal constitution,freedom of religion and Najib assurance of East Malayisan Christians using Allah during the last state election.
    Even a word which been using for centuries can be banned by them,what esle cant happen in future?
    Anything is possible in the land of Endless Possibilities,1 Malaysia,Malaysia Truely Asia and Malaysia Boleh.
    Will Najib’s infamous World Slogan ” Moderation,Tolerance and Acceptance Best Way for World Peace become a laughing stock to the whole world,BN style,Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

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