PBB Stability Unquestionable..!!

imagesThere should not be any more doubts. The leadership of PBB is very much wanted by all the PBB grassroots in the state. audie61 have been promoting the need for the CM and his Deputy Jabu to be maintained as per the articles below.

However,lately there are some internet blogs/sites who have been trying to draw a wedge amongst the top leaders of the state. What is being told to the press by the information chief of PBB below should dispel all doubts.

Are they still some who are trying to unstablise the state hierarchy and the administration of the State of Sarawak? This is what the the Information Chief of PBB Adenan Satem in a statement said.”there would be no contest contest for the top posts in the party,namely the president,deputy presidents 1 and 11,senior vice presidents 1 and 11, and five vice-presidents posts.

There will be tussles for the Supreme Council posts as anticipated in any democratic party and mosts are second echelon leaders of PBB.

Remember what we wrote earlier and this is extracted,”

The ones who have their fingers dirtied and have made their intentions known will know the consequences when the PBB plus UMNO elections are over. The Chief Minister Taib as we have mentioned in one of our article is READING A DIFFERENT BOOK FROM ALL. THE TRIED AND TESTED BOOK OF POLITICS HAS GONE TO THE ANNALS OF HISTORY.

This is a new history for Sarawak politics and according to a “BUTCHER” who has seen it all and he said this “TAIB IS THE MASTER and he has and will continue to chop those who he feels are his threat to his 22nd floor Chair.

No one will dare to touch him after what has been revealed. Try as they may with outside PBB which he says he knows where the HELP is coming from they will also face similar fate to those who came before them”

Even their soothsayers cannot help them. PBB he said will remain the “backbone” of the state BN administration as long as Taib Mahmud still remains as Chief Minister. Whatever happens after that is of course another chapter to be written.

To the doubters and detractors of CM , Jabu and PBB “IF YOU WANT TO STAY POLITICALLY RELEVANT MAKE SURE YOUR BACK IS SECURED………….………………..