Taib Mahmud to be Uncontested as President..

musThe PBB convention is close at hand. All the party’s divisions have held their AGM’s or are in the process of doing so before the closing date given by the headquarters.

There have been some areas where there have been intense campaigning and where “proxy fights” are in evidence. However, there have been calls too by certain quarters to identify the “people” who rightly or wrongly contested to be part of the future PBB decision making hierarchy.

The youth wing has been targeted as the most “intense” There have been a sudden surge of youth leaders climbing the ladder and many are pitting their experience to even be the Youth Divisional Chiefs and also campaigning to have their names to be included in the State Executive Youth Council.

Much could be written by the audie61 team on the “ongoing election’ within the divisions. It will be foolhardy for us to paint a “colourful picture on the ongoing process” and some “unworthy newsmongers” would still identify us as being “kacau2 dari luar”{outside interference)

Yeah we better turn our attention to this shall we:- http://section9inmy.blogspot.com/2013/09/kj-vs-razman.html

On this subject a friendly blogger did say to us that a number of Sarawak YBs  were not too happy with our association with  http://www.sarawakreport.org/ especially on the malicious,tell-tales,allegations and reports which were similar to the outsiders report. { you do know how to extract and copy ? Oh! please be original.you are just trying to apple polish BUT got stucked in a hole  )

Here we need to clarify on this matter and if there is a need for us to swear in court or in any holy places of worship and make a declaration we would.

audie61 is an independant blog run by BN bloggers and have never ever even once made any detrimental ,false allegations or ill intend statement against the Chief Minister of Sarawak  Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud. If we continue to hear things will turn ugly.

On this note we would also like to inform our detractors not to capitalise on this subject and to smear the blog.  We have no doubt created ripples of discontentment but it is to ensure that the “MESSAGE IS DELIVERED” to those who harbours to create chaos and disunity amongst the ruling BN Sarawak coalition.

The fact of the matter still remains that there are many who still doubt Taibs sincerity that he is planning to handover soon. Even in the corridors of power there are “voices from the walls’ saying that “we have heard it all before and he will never relinquish his position”

Is there still doubt that Taib Mahmud will be uncontested during the PBB TDC?

if there are those who intended so must go back to their drawing boards or better still read this https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/awang-tengahs-men-oh-my-sarawak-report/

The ones who have their fingers dirtied and have made their intentions known will know the consequences when the PBB plus UMNO elections are over. The Chief Minister Taib as we have mentioned in one of our article is READING A DIFFERENT BOOK FROM ALL. THE TRIED AND TESTED BOOK OF POLITICS HAS GONE TO THE ANNALS OF HISTORY.

This is a new history for Sarawak politics and according to a “BUTCHER” who has seen it all and he said this TAIB IS THE MASTER and he has and will continue to chop those who he feels are his threat to his 22nd floor Chair.

No one will dare to touch him after what has been revealed. Try as they may with outside PBB which he says he knows where the HELP is coming from they will also face similar fate to those who came before them”

Even their soothsayers cannot help them. PBB he said will remain the “backbone” of the state BN administration as long as Taib Mahmud still remains as Chief Minister. Whatever happens after that is of course another chapter to be written.

There are a lot of interest generated by PBB as the TDC looms near. Those who wants to have “tastier dishes” can click and look up this blog. We do not want too also be associated with them in whatever capacity http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/

Surely, by putting their weblog address we will be hearing soon,” Bro. Both of you BACK TOGETHER..?? It is for this reason and for those detractors who we know and have also eyes for them that “DONT OVERLY GET EXCITED AND POINT FINGERS”

if you are good enough blog it up and don’t hide behind an Icon or in Someone Shadow. A Senior Sarawak Minister Abang Johari said to members at the BN State convention in 2011,” I am not going to answer to a CAT,Any Animals or to Any False Identities”  How very true and we cannot agree more to the minister.

DO YOU CONCUR.? Surely, you must be saying how very true and this people dont have the BALLS..Forgive my language. “Grrrrrrrr…eeee”

We have maintain our stance that we will continue steadfastly be upholding against the scheming and unhealthy practises which goes behind CM Taib Mahmud.  The voices and noises are getting louder and many are still wondering why we have remain as such.

Do we need to tell the world why we do this? No reasons will fit your ears and we know who our friends are and will continue to watch closely over our enemies. We know that as a political blogger  we will continue to fight against those who have issues against us and we will continue to support those who have been kind to us.

Taib Mahmud to stay on as PBB President..?   Are you still doubting..? 

5 thoughts on “Taib Mahmud to be Uncontested as President..

  1. alan newman says:

    As with life & society, what you read & hear is just the iceberg’s tip. It’s much worse. Using public money (stolen from them indirectly) to buy votes to extend one’s evil stay, to deceive, to steal & plunder the people’s wealth & resources. This has gone on for 32 yrs now, & his Uncle before him! Someone was voted into office to serve the people. Before long he controls 3 supreme portfolios: CM, Finance Ministr & Ministr of Planng & Resource Managemt. He nominates the TYT/Governor, appoints the Deputy CM, all the state ministers, all the city mayors, all directors of state departments, none elected democratically! He has his strangle-hold on Land & Survey, Forest, timber processing, Dept of Agric. When the forest went bald they started oil palm! Now millions of acres. SCORE ! He Awards timber concessions, plantation land, development land, mining, road works, bridges & infrastructure contracts/contracts for decades without open tender; instead all the family, relatives & cronies got them all. Land grabs, collusion with timber, oil palm, shipping & developmt tycoons. Archipelago shipping, S’wak Securities, Bank Utama, CMS… Cousin Hamed Sepawie runs Sarawak Energy and the giant Naim Group, now logging in Tasmania! He cleaned up all the concessions & land at well below market prices yet amassed all the mega million projects with prices inflated for kickbacks. He controls the media, radio, papers (so the public get all the false or sweetened information) and immigration & blocks entries of righteous people. Astronomical gangsterism, lawlessness & crime! 2 suspicious deaths, Swiss Manser and his own aide Boyert in USA. The whole world can smell the stench. Yet he is super proud without an ounce of remorse. He is valued at US$10-20billion. The most horrific curse befits this kind of people & all his supporters who have destroyed the livelihood of millions or more people. Remote natives don’t even have electricity or decent drinking water. God awaits with the fire of hell that burns forever. Alan Newman (democratic & transparent NZ)

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