UMNO to Sarawak.?

pbb&umno.The challenge is there for all to see. 5 new political parties approved to Sarawak and the overcrowding political scene is not a matter of choice for the people but something looms behind. PBB and other Sarawak political leaders plus political watchers will say it will not happen as long as Taib Mahmud is still the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

True to a certain extend but many UMNO 2nd echelon leaders thinks otherwise. What is so special with Sarawak that it holds UMNO with both hands? 25 seats won out of 31 in the last GE13 and a shift to the otherside will see a crumble of BN. Please this is an “old tell tale story” cooked up which has been past down for 30 years.

The delineation of all the rural seats have been done to ensure that the ruling government stays in power until the people in all the constituencies decides. UMNO  sees the 31 seats as an addition to stay as the top boy in the game of numbers and does not want to fall behind as the semi rural areas are under attack by the United opposition front for now, in the Pakatan coalition.

UMNO has 88 seats in totality and in Sarawak they see additional numbers for them. Of course, the top leaders in the UMNO hierarchy can dispute this and say “Sarawak is in good hands under PBB” but the number games can change if UMNO does make a frontal entrance. This is not impossible and for that reason alone the 5 political parties are the start of what will happen to Sarawak if PBB does not stay united after the Taibs adminstration decides to call it a day.

It happened as history is the judge to our neighbours Sabah but one can say its a different scenario and under different political circumstances. Politics does take a different approach and like water they can come in different forms especially when a tsunami strikes.

Adenan a very senior politician in PBB and rhetorically convincing when it comes down to addressing issues to his party has come out openly NOW of all the time before the PBB convention that Taib is still the “man to lead the party for the next 3 years” How we read it and why Senior leaders in Abang Johari,Awang Tengah and other Junior leaders have come out to make this call is anyones guess. Truth be told is that PBB needs to be strong and united or else UMNO will capitalise on the disunity and make its way and steps foot into the Sarawak scene.

Looking at the number of political parties in Sarawak there are  4 BN local parties in PBB,SUPP,PRS,SPDP, 2 local outside BN in STAR,SWP while 3 Peninsula based parties in DAP,PKR and PAS plus Parti Cinta Malaysia which makes it a total of  10. An additional of 5 new parties as follows  Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak( Teras), Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS Baru), Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu (PERSB), Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) and Peace Party makes it a total of 15 parties.

PPP have made their inroads in the State but they are being put in to make up the numbers for the National agenda in totality (party elections only). They do not have any impact in the State of Sarawak for the moment as the BN party members see it more towards a Peninsula based party. This equation could change as MIC,MCA,Gerakan the big brothers of BN Malaysia are in a freefall and they too need to look elsewhere to consolidate their grip on their own party.

Does UMNO need to come to Sarawak? There are so many grey areas to consider and also many bright spots for the party members to be please about. The numbers game in party elections will mean that there will be new member for them to HORSE TRADE during party Election time. UMNO is a National party and one state is staying out of the national agenda after 30 years many observers are coming back to the Starting line again. The arguments are that PKR,DAP and PAS have made their presence felt and why not UMNO?

Surely,PBB members knows that UMNO will eventually step in but for now its a “taboo” to even mention it as long as Taib is in power. Wha happens after his reign they say we will cross the bridge when it comes. The continous pressure and so many different approaches to try to get Taib to relinquish his position has not gone down too well with Taib Mahmud.

His answers to the detractors and those who harbour to take over as President of PBB and Chief Minister of Sarawak is that,”35 out of 35 seats State elections,14 out of 14 in GE13 contested all won by PBB” No losses and is there any need to step down? He delivers to Barisan Nasional time and time again and his stranglehold of the state has been the envy of those who wants a “PIECE OF THE ACTION IN SARAWAK

The PBB elections looks likely to be a tame affair and the only ‘behind the scene” politiking os the changing of guards in the youth wing. Unreported in the blogs/newsmedia  are the ‘tensions and ugliness” which are not unusual in any parliamentary democratic elections. Many said that ‘hidden hands” between the Pesaka and Bumiputera youth wings have seen to the ousting of certain groups. This will also be the new echelon leaders who will be the ones closely watched by UMNO new leaders who harbours to make inroads in the state in time to come.

This was written in 2011 by audie61 blogger and it does seem that everytime party elections in UMNO or PBB this issue will crop up. All the leaders will brush it aside no doubt as long as Taib is still helming the state of Sarawak. It will be an OPENBOOK for many when Taib Mahmud eventually calls it a day.

This blog says it all eventhough it was written in 2010

When we wrote the last article “Tensions and Dominoes falling in Sarawak” it not only created ripples of concern but the political scene was abuzz with the real intentions of what is to come. Many political watchers are looking at the possibility of Taib calling for a SNAP Sarawak Election as early as July 2014 (inner circle sources) to prove again to the detractors that he is still the man to lead and UMNO does not need to put its hands and meddle in the affairs of the state.

Could we be wrong? Yes or No and for now as our last article mention here it certainly have penetrated the minds of many who wished to see a FRONT ENTRANCE OF UMNO IN SARAWAK.

Only Taib and his closest aides knows what is right for their stranglehold of their RESPECTIVE CHAIRS in the adminstration and their constituency seats. The next state elections held soon or later will gauge the strength of PBB and its allies in order to put a FULL STOP to UMNO making a bee line to have a peice of the political action that is the 31 divisional seats on offer.

BN Sarawak will hope that this day will be still a distant memory.