najib-razakWe have written a number of articles on this matter and what a huge relief that finally the PM Najib has heeded to the calls of many. This is the way PM and you finally took your cane out and Masterly Swung it right.

Congratulations on being FIRM!

Earlier we wrote:-

Extracted Article:-

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today said senator P Waythamoorthy should toe the government line as the latter is a member of the government.

“As a member of the government, you must be toe the line, you must have one voice,” he said curtly during a press conference at his office in Putrajaya.

Najib’s statement comes in the wake of three of his cabinet ministers calling for Waythamoorthy’s resignation after the latter released statements questioning police action.

Waythamoorthy was handpicked by Najib to be appointed as a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.