Malaysian Ministers Outboxing Each Other..??

Yesterday we wrote,”Najib No Control.??”- and in one of our paragraphs we also voiced our CONCERNS,”

th1It does not seem to let up and it would get worse before its under control. 

Will the Bloggers get involved in this too..?

Many bloggers, and several NGO’s are jumping down the throats of a Junior Deputy Minister and today the Defence Minister Hishammuddin is also saying this we extract,” I support Datuk Zahid….101 percent

You can make your own opinion,be a judge and even give comments by reading the internet portals full report by clicking :-

We have said our piece but the PM is still waiting for the right moment and this we said earlier,”The Rakyat pays and voted them in to be administrators for MALAYSIA and not paid to be ‘quarrelling,bickering,misbehaving and unleashing their loose tongues against each other somemore” cabinet ministers or deputies.”

Najib will act soon but it does seem he is giving “ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES” to all of them to air their grievances first.

Oh! Please STOP ALL THIS Mr. Prime Minister.