We asked,” Are You Ready..?”



“ARE YOU READY.?” when we completed this article


Barely ten days after the Hari Raya celebrations it does seem that the first salvo is already fired by this blog with this extracted article  http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/2013/08/fadillah-tidak-tepati-janji-dan-tidak.html. In all fairness, this blog does stir some controversies especially if one is “implicated or mentioned”. One though have to take some of their articles with a pinch of salt as it does create uneasiness and at times ‘gets the nerves frayed and tempers at boiling point

We covered PBB watching the UMNO elections and its a fact that many will try to earn ‘brownie points” or even “put their heads on the guillotine” as we wrote earlier” the youth elections will be again be the centre of attention as there are nearly more than half over 45′s who are ineligible to be part of the movement.

In the worse case scenario Fadillah will have to use his political know-how to stop an all out assault by certain groups trying to wrestle power in the youth wing for their own personal Agenda. He will confide with the President of the Party and seek his wisdom to ensure all parties will be democratically looked and that is by PBB consensus.

No matter who tries to create,stir or whipping up a storm especially when its party elections time in PBB it will be quelled before it gets UGLY.

After you are ready it’s time to face the political manoeuvring within PBB. see you next time…