Awang Tengah’s Men,” Goodies Aplenty..”

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Awang Tengah 4 (1)In the previous article on Fort Betong Next we ended by highlighting this”

[Always Remember though PBB will take care of their own traitors or overly ambitious men and BN Sarawak will still be intact.}


Sweet Promises are not the order of the game when it involves Awang Tengah’s Men. They will go to all lengths and breadths to ensure that the King is brought down and their BOSS is uplifted and ascends to the 22nd Floor Chair.

One cannot take forgranted now and brush aside the capabilites of Awang Tengah’s Men. They are in place and  implanted in every little corner in the State. The machinery has worked overtime and in getting to their goals many have been sacrificed especially so even when it involves component parties in SPDP,SUPP and PRS to a lesser extend.

Its too easy to point fingers and blame…

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