Pecah Palak Mikir “Revelations”

ppmWhen the news of Pecah Palak Mikir has gone independant we at audie61 squad were really taken aback. What is really going on?

It was a chanced meeting to catch up with PPM himself exactly a month after GE13 eventhough many have told us he has fled back to West Malaysia.

Walau Eh! What lies and covering up the truth. Does the truth hurt? 

The first thing he told us was “you have to clear up your name has been dirtied eventhough you mean well.” Ok. At least we can breathe more “OXYGEN” is coming our way. PPM symbol (pictured)is all masked up anyway……

 We sat down and there are too many things which was revealed very UNFORTUNATELY. Of course we would not try to spin it out of hand. We have heard too many things which are very “unpleasant” but of course being in the blogworld one has to take it with a pinch of salt.

You are reading this you must be saying “TELL US PLEAZZZZZ..!!ITS GOING TO BE SLICED OPEN!

Not only him though but many others have come to us to inform us of the “misdeeds” but PPM said ……Ah Ha!!! More will be told soon but you can start first. REALLY…{permission granted}

This is how he started. PPM said,”Bro.I am not budak kecil lah!” Very True as we in audie61 squad were all impressed with him as he is one of the most talented creative BN Blogger and very attentive and loyal to command.


For starters UMB SPDP/audie61 squad looked after the 4 seats allocated and concentrated fully. Basically we were on our OWN meaning that we do not want to be associated with our names being used and being  misuse for a Different AGENDA

THE GE13 is over PBB won all their seats so did SPDP and PRS. They are many out there especially the bloggers who are coming out to do some revelations.


6 thoughts on “Pecah Palak Mikir “Revelations”

  1. shamsul says:

    We work hard other people get the money and enjoy. They holiday overseas we in KL stuck here and enjoy apa?

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