DAP Going Rural or Deregistered..??

scan0061UMNO 1987, PBDS 2004, SNAP 2013. Will DAP face the same fate? It does seem that Lim Guan Eng Chief Minister of Penang and SG of DAP has this to say ,’We see ROS as setting the ground and conditions to de-register the DAP,”

The full article:- http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/231805

DAP Sarawak has set its sights to go Rural and with deregistration ‘looming on the horizon” as speculated by LGE it does seem DAP will be looking at another entity to achieve their aim.


In 2008 PRS nearly suffered the same fate and article 13(2) was used as shown (attached)below:- PRS survived the crisis and have grown from strength to strength.


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