CM Taib’s “Tirade On Foreign Intervention”

ccjtmCM Taib’s closing speech of the DUN was supposedly summing up of the week long Proceedings of the DUN Sarawak which was from May 21st to May 29th 2013.

It was a sitting where most legislators would have been very happy as they have received their pay increments nearly 3 folds.

Morning session was solemn as it many were still looking for answers in the lossof lives in the Belaga Express Trajedy. Contributions were all pledged and will be delivered from both sides of the political divide.

Afternoon session, after the pleasantries by CM Taib he started mentioning the  foreign intervention of Global Witness,Radio Free Sarawak.Sarawak Report and then Bruno Manser Fund. He told his colleagues that he and them”should not compromise to foreign intervention in the sovereignity of the State of Sarawak” {The full published speech will be in main stream media tomorrow.}

What was significant?

Surely,it was the tone and the way he delivered it which captivated the journalists who were present with me.


True enough, the last time he went on a tirade was in 2011 and this time the venom was even more. In so many words, he lashed out at YB Kota Sentosa Chong Chieng Jen that “he was not befitting of a respectable assemblyman” Chong has been attacking CM Taib non stop and this time CM went on a full assault. Chong was not even given a chance to defend himself.

We will see whats coming out from Chong soon wouldn’t we

CM Taib eventhough angered by all the accusations,lies,defamation of character still was maganimous and GAVE 3 MONTHS TO CHONG TO MAKE AMENDS AND APOLOGISE before a full legal suit will commence and filed by Taib and the Sarawak Government.

CM Taib also questioned all the detractors who have asked him to step down to look at his record of deliverance to the Ruling Government. He said his party PBB which he is a member delivered 35 out of 71 State seats in 2011 and 14 out of 31 in GE13 2013 a NO LOSE Percentage. Also BN Sarawak won 55 out of 71 which is above 2/3rds and it does seem still there are people who are unhappy. He said was there any “petition filed to question the result in any of the 71 seats?”  

Has he failed to deliver he asked?

It does seem that CM Taib is not about to call it a day anytime soon. He has led Sarawak for 30 years and he has delivered time and again in all the elections that he has helmed.

Chong and the detractors will continue to see him and engage with him until he so decides to call it a day.

CM Taib finished his speech by wishing a SELAMAT HARI GAWAI To all his dayak friends ,colleagues and all Sarawakians who celebrate the Harvest Festival on June 1st 2013.

2 thoughts on “CM Taib’s “Tirade On Foreign Intervention”

  1. HO HO HO 2 says:

    its very simple, the best way to resolve this matter is next state or parliamentary election let taib fight it out with Chong in bandar kuching. Its an abuse as usual attacking Chong without giving a chance for him to reply.

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