“PRS 6 Seats=1+1 SPDP 4 Seats= 0..Overlooked?”

unfairWhy so quiet? Should we get in the thick of action?

Well, we did through many tweets which we feel will obviously be first hand information to the receiver. In our case its simple, GE13 many have spent hours on the internet for information which will benefit their campaigns.

PRS and SPDP are both feeling aggrieved and understandbly the groundswell from party supporters are that their parties are both UNFAIRLY TREATED and in a way SIDELINED.

The tweets have been posted for all to see and some comments we extract are how the members feel. Its real and one sms which we take special notice is ,‘Bro. if the tree(BN) which has its roots cut(fixed deposits) it will eventually FALL BY ITSELF. The rural areas are BN’s fortress and its theirs to loose. Overlooked they will suffer as a result of their own doing

Some of the the extracted comments and twitters are listed below

  • 1. Who are you SPDP and PRS ?, UMNO top guns refuted over PRS and SPDP’s dissatisfaction on ministerial posts

MIC with 4 MPs awarded 4 posts,100 % SUPP 1 MP win 1 post,100 % SPDP 4MPs sadden with 0 post 0 % and PRS with 6 with only 2 posts 33 % .PBB 14 with overloaded 7 post,50 %.  

Taib is an important figure in the eye of Najib.2 years’ plan initiated by PM for Taib to step down as promised during 2011 state election had been junked as Mahatir said Msians senang lupa.PRS supporters say it,s a great insult to them,dont be surprise that we will leave your bungalows,BN to Langkau ( Pakatan ) one day.Well say,Dayaks.

  • 2. Masingsaid we rural based parties contributed so much yet we are mistreated. Therefore PRS reject Minister and deputy minister because not important ministry. He even warned not to take PRS and Spdp lightly. Mawan said “Oh be calm, PM is wise perhaps he overlooked”. If only Masing and Mawan are not overly self serving, together they formed a pact, even Taib wont dare play play with them. We know exactly what they want, just throwing tantrum no balls actually.
  • 3. Philip Golingai@PhilipGolingai8h@audie61 if both parties don’t get significant portfolio, what will happen?
  • 4.Pasca Tiga Belas@kpgdsabah6h@audie61 prs and spdp are just helpless. U guys r powerless. Spt melukut di tepi gantang and not important as PBB. Bersyukurlah & accept it.
  •  5.Bit Surang™@BitMS6h@audie61 @NajibRazak @1_Agenda @1m4youth @keithsys @whizzekid Totally Unfair. Dayak parties being sidelined. What’s Najib agenda?
  • 6.RIDZ SHAH@RidzShah12h+999 RT “@audie61: @PhilipGolingai RT PRS shd get 2+1 SPDP 1+1 Transport MCA reserved? A joke lah! They dun want so be it lah! @NajibRazak
  • 7.Project Zeus@pzeus5h+100 RT “@Swakheadhunter: @PhilipGolingai @audie61 They will withdraw their fixed deposits & put under their mattresses.”
  • 8. MIC 9 won 4 Cabinet 2+2 SUPP 7 won 1 1 Full (SPDP Won 4 out of 4 PRS Won 6 out of 6) Fairness? Winnable PRS n SPDP n delivered.

The Internet portals and Main stream media have covered it in detail and one can click here to read them:-



3. http://www.theborneopost.com/2013/05/18/were-not-interested-in-positions-masing/



11 thoughts on ““PRS 6 Seats=1+1 SPDP 4 Seats= 0..Overlooked?”

  1. HO HO HO says:

    Money politics. We reap what we sow. In all honestly in a den of thiefs they are no honor.
    Paying voters to vote. Now what to be not happy about.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    It,s not overlooked,it,s actually Najib and UMNO rate Dayak MPs as” No Material ” worrying they might not be able to deliver and Perform.

    Glaring example,first term MP Sulaiman Taib had shamed and embarrassed the whole cabinet in Parliament for not able to answer questions effectively.

    Perhaps Najib needs them more to win the election rather than ministers in his cabinet.

    Even the then, deputy speaker,Wan Junaidi had said before Swak MPs should have the courage to speak out,take part in debates and be vocal rather than just listening and remain quiet in the August House.

  3. HO HO HO says:

    Stupidity knows no boundary. Contest under BEnd and using BEnd now reap what you sow. We not interested in your stupidity. Next time contest under Prs and spdp be wise.

    • HO HO HO 2 says:

      PRS and SPDP has no strength of their own. Their resources wasted on pub, gambling and women. HO HO HO 2, taib and ajib had a lot of records and videos on their wild doing. None of them deserve to be full minister. Entulu left his loyal wife for another woman. Mawan no say le. Ho ho ho.

      • 2012 hope says:

        More Kumang Competitions to hunt for more beautiful and sexy partners or new wife hhah

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Assistant ministers in swak draw higher salary,( RM 21000 ) than Najib salary ( 19000 ).

    CM RM 39000 to PM RM 19000. Inikalilah Swak Boleh though as poorest state.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Swak state assemblymen get RM 15000 while cabinet ministers RM14500,Cantik lah Kaya-raya orang Swak yang masih tinggal atas pokok.

  5. HO HO HO 2 says:

    200% increase never heard in the world. Earlier were the ketua masyarakat 100% increase. But what about we in the private sector?

    • 2012 hope says:

      It,s not 200 % but more than 300 %.

      17 million allocated annually for lawmakers remuneration,one the highest pay in whole Msia though rakyat remain one of the poorest.

      The rich and famous diutamakan rakyat diketpikan.

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