for continued stability,progress and development.

BN will ensure that more infra, tar sealed roads, water and electricity supply as well as better school buildings are implemented in all the 4 areas SPDP contest.

6 thoughts on “YOU WIN ,WE WIN, WE DELIVER…!!

  1. Anastasia Ling says:

    After more than 50 years these things are still not there? What have you guys been doing? No more chance, too late. After this Sunday, there will be a new government in Malaysia. Many of your leaders would probably be in jail for corruption and abuse of power.

    • 2012 hope says:

      perhaps the 2 poorest and backward states,Swak and Sabah are too rich to receive 20 % of royalties instead of 5 %.

      It’s just common here and there BN has been repeating the unfulfilled recycled promises.

      On 30th April flied to Ulu Kapit to launch Earth breaking for a 80 million bridge project which had been launched by Manyin two years ago.

      All local folks in that areas know and very unlucky for the event where few sacked Tuai Rumahs were wearing the previous launching’s shirts as protests.

      A billboard was erected beisde the site ” Ada Kemungkinan Jabatan ini akan dipecah tanah untuk kaii KE 3, BN pembohong beasr ”

      Most civil servants will vote 13 months fixed salary and 0 interest for housing loans and PTPTN reductions.

      Forever non-bumis they will vote against racist polices of UMNO.

      1) Malay 2) convert Muslim 3) Bumiputeras, 4) Non-bumis in civil services,scholarships and economies awards

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Use of indelible ink will delay process in election which will cause % of voting drops.

    It was estimated it took about half or 1 minute to paint one voter’s index finger.Hence only 60 can be done in 1 hour.

    if polling were open for 9 hours,60×9=540 for whole day in polling centre.

    How long will it take if there are thousands of voters in one polling centre.

  3. EX-SUPP Batu10 says:

    It is the same possible that PR can do these projects when in power most effectively under much lower cost. BN and you guys have been the government that ruled 50+years yet not delivering well, how do you claim to be good.

    Sorry SPDP, we have to vote you out from your various seats this round. We want to see corruption removed from Malaysia, but \you choose to team up with corruption and yet keep your mouths closed on your partners’ corruption

    You may have good candidates, but in the wrong camp. Malaysian want a change after a long and patient wait. Sorry

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