6 thoughts on “BN Sarawak 31 Names Today

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Sangan,Jelaing,Tiki and Billiy, still holding their breaths, fate to known after BN Sc meeting.Why so Many fro SPDp ???.Has Mawan lose his grid and steering ???????

    • Darwin says:

      The key word is 80 per cent evolution in SPDP. Pakatan wants ubah, BN wants transformasi, SPDP has to toe the line with current needs and evolves to adapt to Pakatan’s Ubah and BN’s Transformasi.

    • anti lobby says:

      SPDP is undergoing evolution … now about 70 per cent there in order to adapt to Pakatan Ubah and BN Transformasi. SPDP is party for future Malaysians as it is multi-racial and progressive. Hidup Evolusi SPDP!!!!!!!

  2. Loyal Baram SPDP says:

    Despite protest from SPDP Baram, Sagan was dropped and replaced by Anyi Ngau, a non member, a closed associates of G5 endorsed by tengah. Shame on SPDP, you cant even defend your seat. Even before the first shot was fired you already lost Baram. Where is the mighty tiong who once was known to have said, Celaka itu tengah, celaka itu Jabu, for nominating Rosey and Paulus. Today, it happen right under his nose. Why not just dissolve SPDP!

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