BN Lists Ready..

BN is ready for GE13 .

The President of BN handing over the candidates list to all BN Component President



10 thoughts on “BN Lists Ready..

  1. Beware and be ready for internal subversion and sabotages with the Dream Team Of PRU 13, 33 % and 50 % new faces for parliamentary and state seats respectively.

    BN failed to obtain 2/3 majority in 2008 mainly due the dirty acts and plots of disgruntled hopefuls who fail to make cut.

  2. Najib names this line-up for pru 13 as Transformative Dream Team which consists of almost 50 % of new faces inculding many young professionals to win the hearts and expectation of the younger segment of the electorates.

  3. Many incumbents dropped intend to contest as independent candidates,It’s rock and roll in both camps now.

    MCA 3 heavyweights,Yen Yen, Tee Kiat and Gan are prepare to the cut by themselves.

    Grand and Great Shows awaiting ,let see how BN fares this time with so called tansformative Dream Team.

  4. World Bank analysts says Decades of Mediocrity Culture had triggered Msia miles behind other countries though with most vast natural resources like Gas and oil which contributed about 45 % of the total country budgets.

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