cawatSarawakians dont have short memories. What happen at BATANG AI by elections? What was said by the President of PAS? Let’s show them what we Sarawakians will do to PAS.


TodayPAS president Abdul Hadi Awang  named the party’s candidates for seven constituencies in Sarawak, but three of the MP seats are also being claimed by Pakatan Rakyat partners DAP and PKR.

The seven seats are 1. Kota Samarahan 2.Sibuti 3.Igan 4.Batang sadong 5. Tanjung Manis 6. Julau 7.Mukah

Surely this is on a collision course with DAP and PKR and Baru Bian has this to say,”I will find out from Kuala Lumpur. I am shocked that I have not been informed of the decision,”

No Need lah Baru Bian you must remember what PAS President Hadi said in Batang Ai by elections.

Lets refresh you,”Semua pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini keputusannya memihak kepada kita. Cuma di Batang Ai sahaja kita kalah sebab mereka ini tidak reti undi, pakai cawat lagi. Saya bukan nak hina tetapi tempat yang pakai molek, undi PAS.”



9 thoughts on “PAS HADI SAID THIS..”.CAWAT..??”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    As the battle of fighting for candidacy among PR continues,the more supports and confidences PR will lose.

    Sebelum berperang,sudah bergaduh dan bunuh diri sendiri.Macam mana nak lawan munsuh.Semua Gila Kuasa.

    Pas yang langsung tak berfungsi dan relevan di Sawak pun berebut-rebut letakkan calon-calon mereka sedangkan tahu peluang menang ialah 0.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    with 5 days before nomination day,there are many surprises,disappointments and joys over candidacies announcements from both sides of political divide.

  3. peter says:

    As a Dayak and am not PAS supporter, but CHAWAT comment is by far much friendly & harmless as compared to the KAMPAR trademark labelled by Taib’s proxy.

  4. hkll says:

    Taib cousins (Norlia and Fatimah) comments are even more insulting to Sarawakians! Tell Abdul Rahman Yakub to teach his own daughters Islam before he teach Islam to the public in Seri Bahagia!!!

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