PKR Sarawak V BN

SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410The Lists of PKR is out. Please find it below and lets see which BN parties they will face. Sources informed us as of now the names are as follows but we will not want to disclose yet( we got it already.(U know our capabilities right…)

BN will announce their candidates this weekend.

1.Baru Bian (Limbang) V PBB

2.Ali Biju (Saratok) V SPDP

3 Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh (Batang Lupar) V PBB

4.Abun Sui Anyit (Hulu Rajang) v PRS

5.Roland Engan (Baram) v SPDP

6 Nicholas Bawin Anggat (Lubok Antu) v PRS

7.Thomas Laja (Kanowit) v PRS

8.Joshua Jabeng (Selangau) v PRS

9.Zulrusdi Hol (Santubong) v PBB

10. Ahmad Nazib Johari (Petrajaya) v PBB

11. Cecilia Siti Una (Betong) v PBB


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