Independant Candidate..??

SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410BN Chairman Najib told election hopefuls not to “sulk” for more than 24 hours if they have not been selected for a seat to contest. He said more at

Of course, as there can only be 222 and 505 names on BN’s lists. Those who feel that they are better they can opt out and try their “LUCK“as independants. BN, of course will not tolerate indiscipline and we are pretty sure nor will the opposite divide.

A BN ADUN told us this morning at breakfast,”If you are not picked you must look at yourself and question why? Don’t blame others and there must be something lacking in you.” 

The others nodded and said,‘Betul and the Show must go on.”

One person chipped in,”If you are sure that you are unfairly treated the choice is yours. Pick up the nomination papers and go as independant. If you win,that means only one thing.

Your machinery and your grassroot support is second to none.



9 thoughts on “Independant Candidate..??

  1. There is no reasons why ones was not nominated as candidates if ” The So Called Report Card ” is full of excellent marks as most BN incumbents claimed.

    How do you expect a student to score all straight A+ in all subjects if he or she never study hard.

    • Discipline is also important in school and good upbringing. Some genius are useless when they are indisciplined lot.

  2. Rumours that Stephen Ruin is to be fielded in Mas Gading as Independant candidate.If its true that means it is cfm that BNClub is going all out against SPDP

    • So if true, then they Club are wolves in sheepskin for becoming saboteurs of BN fold in the pretext of destroying SPDP. They are now showing their true colours then? Wow werewolves

  3. Malasia 3rd in illicit financial outflow in the world after China and Mexico.

    It was estimated aorund 1000 billion or 1 trillion had been flighted out of the country since 1970,GFI’s report

    Bersih ,Telus, berintegrity and good governance.

  4. Either George Lagong or Abun Siun is going to collect all protest votes from Billy camp if Ugak is nominated as candidate for PRS in the run-up election.

    Ugak is likely to lose under such situation similar to 2011 state election when PRS fielded an little known Stanley Nyitar against Lagong.

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