Pakatan Sabah Spinning Out of Control..??

bugi wijayaThe News is Out..!! 2 times DAP candidate for N19 Kepayan State Seat Stephen Jimbangan has joined UPKO. Bugi Wijay has filed this report in and he says “it looks like Pakatan grip on Sabah is slowly spinning out of Control.

It is a known fact that Jimbangan is the clear favourite to be retained by PR to contest the state seat again but in a twist of manouvering DAP  circles have indicated to us that Dr.Edwin Bosi who was a former PKR member has joined DAP.

IT’S A REAL MERRY-GO-AROUND for PR candidates in Sabah says the source. Even PKR local candidates in Kepayan like Dr.Roland Chia a practising dentist was very unhappy with the current developments.

N19 which is part of P174 Penampang Parliament seat has been represented by 61 year old Khoo Keok Hai for the past two terms. The MP who is not internet savvy will need to rely heavily on ground sentiments to be retained. Many of his MP colleagues have advised him to use the FB,twitters,smses (all internet tools) to dispel negativeness on him as they enter the crucial part of campaign.

Will he listen or will he be caught offguard by PKR/DAP or SAPP?

The ground sources have speculated that this seat will see a three cornered fight between BN’s incumbent Edward Khoo,DAP or PKR candidate and SAPP information Chief Chong Pit Fah.

Who wins will determine how they embrace the social media and for the incumbent to just brush aside the importance of this media he better have answers when the final tally is counted.

Many are pushing Khoo not to use the same methods of campaigning as it will backfire.

6 thoughts on “Pakatan Sabah Spinning Out of Control..??

  1. Sri Kinabalu says:

    Khoo should be replaced. Does he tweet or has he been too long a Parliamentarian. Tellme does he even know Najib’s tweeter account. ? if not step back and let others do the work.

  2. Paulus K says:

    MCA all the same. Oh No. Chua Soi Leck is different he blogs and tweets and also Liow Tong Lai and Wee Ka Siong. Shame on MP Kepayan.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Who do you believe ???.Awang Tengah,Pan Borneo Highway dual carriageway to be completed in five years . Manyin in 2020 with 9 billion while Timbalan minster Yong K S says it costs 15 billion and expected to be completed in 2025.Bravo BN King of spin and lies.

  4. 2012 hope says:

    If the M Mindset and Mentality Management continues,Msia wouldn’t progress on par and pave with other countries.Compare to South Korea and Singapore which started off with the same footing,where are they now ?.

    Guess what does ” M ” mean ??

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