15 thoughts on ““6 Reasons WHY BN..!!”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    No political parties can match SWP in membership benefits,even UMNO,political analyst says.

    All SWP members are given free insurance polices and their children will receive higher institutions entrance incentives amount to RM 500-RM1000, 2 million set aside for such initiative.

    All branch officers are said to given allowances as spoken to carry out basic activities and daily management.

    • pulanganas says:

      Hello… u left out a few details there. Insurance policy, yes, but only “accidents” not “diseases”.
      Government gives SOCSO le… also Personal Accidents insurance you can get from banks for as low as RM10 per year.

      Children incentives? only “selected” few after stringent & thorough screening, only applies to students going to universities, at max RM500 only (claim after u go). Government give students “Bantuan Persekolahan” RM100 per year le… save it la…

      Branch officers getting incentives? Really? What branch officers? Temporary only…. that’s what caused the “mass resignation” …

      RM2 Mil budget? really? I never see it… did you?

      Come on la… be more specific… they looks nice from far…. but actually far from nice…

      • 2012 hope says:

        pulanganas ,sorry to say you cant even differentiate between govt and political parties,

        Perhaps you can approach Masing,Jabu,Mawan or much richer Leo Monggie for such Bantuan who are with govt,see what will get ?

      • Mr Q Mark says:

        Insurance coverage, children incentives, branch officers allowances…….?! It’s all just candy given to attract people to join and it will all be gone once election is over regardless they won or not…………

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Janji-janji yang dijanjikan serta belum ditunaikan pada PRU 12 terus dijadikan janji-janji PRU 13 ataupun PRU 14 kelak.This how BN cheat the ignorant Rakyat.

    2300 km,Pan-Borneo highway which was promised during Razak’s era still remains as Janji,how fool and stupid are East Malaysians ?.To most right thinking Msians, it’s more to Word Promises rather than Action Promises similar to giving you dirt after promising you star and moon.This is how UMNO BN spin and lie to retain power for 56 years.Wonder why so many Msians are still sleeping soundly with their dreams.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Rakyat are urged to to take whatsoever given by govt after all it’s your own money

      But always remember ABU when come to vote,PR says

  3. Political Observer says:

    Heard BN will put up parachute candidates in Baram and Mas Gading. Like Rosey, Paulus and Entri, who were not even Spdp members. The pattern are set to be repeated. If this turn to be true, how long can the loyal spdp members tolerate this disrespect by certain quarters in pbb.

    • 2012 hope says:

      It will be titanic sinking of SPDP soon , Taib doesn’t care much as long as he gives Najib the most seats to avoid MACC investigations.

      Even Najib cant touch him,let alone others.

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Another little napoleon in welfare dept, a single mother was ask to go back to China for not able to speak Malay instead of Mandarin when applying for assistance.

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