Bookies Being Watched..??

hols-bookiesYesterday we wrote My Name In..?? and in it we mentioned these words which will be “QUIETLY CONNECTED” to todays article..

The smses,social media will be abuzz with all the news of who will be the “CHOSEN” one for the parties they represent. Mind you there are also small bets being wagered on the names of candidates. What would we do without this gambling opportunity which will pass us by says a punter?

Did you place your bet in your area?

Penang police (see below)have started the crackdown and it will be the same with other areas in Malaysia. Don’t say the police are not doing their work or they are could not careless.

The eyes of the law are watching very closely especially in this GE13. They have sophisticated equipments plus good intelligence running around listening and ensuring “informants”news are upto date before they carry out their operations.


Twenty-six special intelligence teams will be deployed to monitor bookie activities during the 13th general election. GE13 Penang deputy police chief SAC Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the police would also seek Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission�s assistance to obtain information in tracking down individuals or gambling syndicates involved during the election .

Any arrests made will be investigated under section 6 3 of the Betting Act 1953 which carries a maximum five years jail or RM200 000 fine or both upon conviction , he told reporters after welcoming the return of police personnel deployed in Ops Daulat in Lahad Datu Sabah here yesterday

Also present was Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi Abdul Rahim also announced all the police personnel would receive RM1 000 bonus from the Penang Police Chief Fund � Bernama.

4 thoughts on “Bookies Being Watched..??

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Latest HangChen or Odd for SWP,by King Gambler,Sng CH,” SWP points 1 seat to PRS ”

    Whoever dare and want to bet kindly contact his agents or bookies.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Added troublesome issues for Najib as polls draw near. Nasty Taib’s statement on MACC ,Nube pickets and threaten to vote for PR if demands not meet ,Churches pledged for equality as citizens, freedom in religions and corruption-free country

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Dr Mahatir says Msia needs more people like Ibrahim Ali to save the nation.

    Wonder what he has contributed to nation building besides inciting racial tensions and hatred.

    Will Msia be more peaceful and harmony with such racist leaders ?.

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Will the non bumi vote for BN ?.UN reports : Msia system of holding back Indian and Chinese minorities had turned it into a bastion of mediocrity akin Principle of Who You Know rather than What you Know will eventually fall behind other Asian country.

    Mahatir’s says meritocracy cant be practised in Msia,Bumis tetap memerlukan bantuan dan keistimewaan dari kerajaaan is the greatest hindrance forward.

    How true is it ?

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