My Name In..??

I’m In. He is out. You sure or Not?

cybWell, that’s very normal as we are yet to get the official list being broadcasted live over TV and also in front of all the mass media who will be covering the announcement of the candidates lists.

The smses,social media will be abuzz with all the news of who will be the “CHOSEN” one for the parties they represent. Mind you there are also small bets being wagered on the names of candidates. What would we do without this gambling opportunity which will pass us by says a punter? Did you place your bet in your area?

It does pain us tough, especially when our voices are not heeded in cyberspace and taken forgranted. A study and survey has shown that as per this tweet”The main battleground in GE13 will be in cyberspace. The internet will play a PIVOTAL role in deciding the outcome.”

PM Najib have worked hard engaging the cyberworld and his efforts must not be put to waste because of some overly ambitious,ignorant,egoistic and internetless “boss” who wants to outdo everyone including the PM I’m sure.

We can put all the names out now for everyone’s eyes but of course if we do that we are no better than the above person/persons who thinks they are untouchable. In this day and age no one can escape their names and reputation from being tarnished or being caught in a spin. The holiest of thou will still bow down to the pressures which will be ignited and trust me the flames will be too hot to douse off.

During election times the parties plus the candidates must be able to potray themselves as easily as saying A,B,C,” I am In and I know why I am In and I must win the voters hearts to vote for me.”

Some pick up phones saying,”One minute,later I call you etc etc” This should not be the case for many aspiring candidates and the lobbyists will be angered if their candidates have this type of attitude. Politicians knows where their strenghts are and they depend on this group of cyberloyalists and media friendly people to push their message across.

It’s the 13th hour and no one wants to create enemies but unfortunately the “little Napoleans” are still ruining it for the parties concerned. By the time the names are mentioned it will be a little too late for “damage control” and that seat will be washed out towards the nearest mouth of the river.

I’m Sorry! I’m sorry for you too. It will be a little too late..hehehe

The nomination and polling date is still to be announced and this got me to write something which has been on top of my head for sometime.Nothing personal but that’s how the GAME OF WORDS starts in cyberspace and it will eventually make to the main stream media.

This from Internet portal:-

The Election Commission (EC) is to convene a special meeting on Wednesday to set the dates for nomination and polling for the 13th general election. 

EC secretary Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria said the meeting, to be held at the EC headquarters in Putrajaya, would also decide the date for advance voting and determine the electoral roll for the general election.

4 thoughts on “My Name In..??

  1. sarawakians says:

    Correct the lobbying for candidacy really hotting up. Internet now plays a very vital part. Cyber can kill or make a politician too. Agree….

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Will 55-year old power end after PRU 13 ?. Najib promises peaceful transition of power in the case BN loss.Will it be better or worst Msia under PR rule?

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Rational and right thinking Msians say How can we know Pakatan will be worse than UMNO if we dont give them a chance.

    It might fares much better and improve your life at a whole.

    Many of them believe that 1 Malaysia advocated by Najib is very superficial without much seriousness in it implementation.

    What does 1 Msia mean if the society were Bumi-ed and Non bumi-ed in many govt polices.

    As long as race-based and discriminatory quotas polices against others remain,1 Malaysia is just empty slogan,

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