Working Together in Baram Constituency

The message is very clear as audie61 and crew sat down with Jacob Sagan Senior Vice President and Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry at his home today.

These are his words,”We have to settle all our differences,we have a common enemy,this is a winnable seat”

Many will say we are polishing him up for the sake of the party to win the seat. Why not? Why shouldn’t we? He is afterall our SVP of the party and a loss in this constituency will affect the party badly. The party have named him and chosen him to defend the seat and we need to be realistic about his chances and see a solution to all the accusations,allegations and defamatory statements hurled towards him and his family.

You and I know that facts and statistics dont lie and if you Jacob Sagan sorry is not a working MP would the following be uploaded here:-( We would also join forces to pull him down. That we will do and Jacob knows that.. )

Total Voters: 24,425 Race Percentage: M: 6% C: 11% I: % B/Sab: % B/Swk: 83% L: %
1. Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan (BN) (7,996) 2. Kebing Wan (Bebas) (3,952)
Majority: 4,044 Total Votes: 12,115 Percentage of voters: 49.6% Spoilt Votes: 167
Incumbent: Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan (BN) (Majority: 3,310 undi)

Furthermore unknowing to him we also did some homework on the man himself.According to his family members the MP himself has dedicated his time and efforts mostly to the constituency as this area is so complex and large. He has hardly have time for us and accusations of ‘not being around” “not on the ground” are the work of the opposition and those who have ‘personal vendetta” against the party he represents and not BN as a whole.

There are Two ADUNS( Dennis Ngau from PBB and Sylvester Entri “BN Club”) in this Parliamentary seat of Baram. There are around 13000 voters in Dennis Ngau’s area in Telang Usan while Sylvester Entri 11000 voters.

Jacob said,”Dennis is working very closely with me and he is putting in a lot of effort to ensure BN retains this seat. He is keeping his fingers crossed that the other assemblyman who was sacked from SPDP for insubordination will work closely too with him. Jacob told us,’I have never ever uttered anything bad about the ADUN in question and this is what should be posted.

The Ibans in the area appreciate that and he told us to post this,

“How can a BN man claim he is a BN Man but on the samebreadth want to destroy a candidate sanctioned by BN”

I have kept very quiet and you know i do my work without much fanfare but recently we have received taped ceramahs from the ADUN that he will go all out against SPDP candidate in the area as they have sacked him. Jacob said this personal vengence or “anger” against the party is not in the spirit of BN. Didn’t the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin said that “traitors” will be dealt with accordingly? This must stop and it is no good for BN unity.

The Deputy Minister was puzzled as why there is so much focus on him eventhough he won so much as 4000 over votes while his MP neighbour in Limbang who scrapped through by 676 votes is not even mentioned on the same breadth? Why is there so much scrutiny on him and not the others?

We told him all his opponents are using not only Perception to run him down but he must do something to rebutt all the accusations. He knows some websites  have carried articles against him and he said dont worry audie61 “The Truth will prevail.”

    Moreover he was also informed that there are certain forces within the State BN family who have even suggested the name of Anyi Ngau to be nominated. In this he said,Who are they to dictate who the party nominates? We do not want to have another Ba’Kalalan where we losts the State seat to PKR Baru Bian. There must not be anymore of this helicoptered candidate in the last minute or BN will suffer losses.

This has to stop now he said.

Jacob also showed us all his projects completed under his jurisdiction and he said there are so many lies out there which have hurt him and his family greatly. The mention of the “watertanks” which he applied from federal for the state in which Sylvester Entri implemented says so much for the deputy minister. This are all done for the people of Sarawak and when we do good we get accuse.

On another note he said,”many have even given Baram a grey/black area. However Jacob reminded us that he has received tremendous support from the likes of Temonggong Pahang Ding Anyie,Penghulu Herbert Lawai Epoi, Penghulu Patrick Jeliman,Pemanca Joseph Ngau Lian,Pemanca Philip Lakia and many others in PBB,SUPP and PRS to continue his work as MP for the area. They will go all out to defend the seat with him  and for BN/SPDP and he is encouraged.

He knows who have been pushing for him to be removed from the candidacy and he was even told that some agencies have written not so ‘favourable reports” against him. Jacob said”We need to work together and not do it justs for SELFISH and  GREEDY MEANS”

Jacob would be a very happy man if both YBS are working side by side with him. He does not want to name names as who else is involved in the charge against him and if he does it now it opens an opportunity for the Pakatan group to run him down.

Obviously we are also privy to the information and Jacob hopes that there are comparative fairness and hopes thatBN does focus too on other seats besides his and also to put a stop to the witchhunt on the party. BN needs to be united and if not the Pakatan group will capitalise on our weaknesses.

There have been too many uncalled reports and accusations hurled at MP Jacob Sagan. BN must know he won the seat successfully each time due to his time and efforts put into the constituency and not by ‘remote control”

SPDP will stand by Jacob as he prepares for his most challenging and toughest election campaign.


Anifah Aman Questions Anwar…??

anuaranifahIt’s on Youtube and basically at every political “ceramah”(talk) Anwar Ibrahim (PKR defacto leader and Opposition leader of Malaysia Parliament) makes references to Sabah.

With the Intrusions of the Sulu Invaders in Lahad Datu many are questioning why he made references so directly and why not Tanya BN Sabah or Musa Aman instead of this ,” tanya sama Najib apa sebab goyang, nanti jawab Najib, Sabah nak hilang’.

audie61 says Yes,no doubt about it ” one can say its politics and its propaganda to entice the votes and to incept the peoples minds” We have been harping on this subject for sometime now telling people that any song written or sung has meaning and the lyrics sung by Anwar on Sabah has caught the imagination of some leaders in Parliament.

Earlier many just say its a song. I’m sure now a lot more people are realising that it’s more than the song and the lyrics.

We have now on the samewavelength none other than Anifah Aman, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and a Sabahan who questions,”What’s the meaning with references to my country being losts?”

Anwar should be singing BN Sabah will fall to Pakatan and not this “Sabah will fall and says Najib. The lyrics needs much to be desired and Zulkifli Noordin MP of Kulim also question the message of the lyrics when he was interviewed by TV3 News.



Audie61's Weblog

I was trying to pinch myself when I heard from a fellow blogger who told me,’Bro,now besides some egoistic politicians it has caught on to the bloggers fraternity. There are a select few who prides themselves way above everyone else. The last few weeks we have seen some elite bloggers having their own brotherly guns turned on them.

Naming names or rather their blogs would be a Cardinal Sin as their noses would grow a few more centimetres.

I choose to use this rather powerful statement which might sound sacrilegous to some,”They are above Heaven and Below Hell

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they there?
  • What make them there?
  • Which platform did they use to get there?
  • Whose work is it that got them there?
  • Whom did they ask to get them there?
  • How did they get there?

You got any answers.We would just look at you wouldn’t we?

It musts be Me,Myself and…

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“Moral Support to the Police and Military Personnel”

SUPPSUPP Central Women Section have invited all Malaysians in Kuching to come out in full force to give

Moral Support to the Police & Military Personnel at Frontline in Sabah”

on 8.3.2013 (Friday)

Venue 1 – Merdeka Plaza

10:30am Arrival of Working Committee

11:30am – 4:30pm Signatures Begins


Venue 2 – the front of Sarawak Visitors Information Centre (Old Court House)

5:00pm Proceed to Old Court House

5:30pm Arrival of YB Dato Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui, SUPP Party President Arrival of Distinguished Guests  Arrival of Leaders of BN Components, Youth & Women Section

6:00pm Opening Speech by Party President

Speech by Tan Kai

Speech by Wilfred

6:15pm Ceremony Begins

6:20pm Handover of donation to “Tabung Wira Lahad Datu”

Wira Semporna

michaelA fellow Sarawakian Hadzman Hj Johny posted this in the Facebook and audie61 management and crew together with all Sarawakians and Malaysians extends our condolences to the family.

May the Almighty God Bless the family and look after them in their moments of sadness and give them strength to ovecome their grief. We are all with you in our prayers.

The posting:- WIRA SAMPORNA

Mendiang ASP Michael Padel, 36 tahun berketurunan Bidayuh dan berasal dari Serian, Sarawak. Bertugas di Cawangan Khas IPD Semporna dan meninggalkan seorang balu Puan Jabah Mingku serta seorang anak lelaki berusia 1 tahun.
Kalau harimau mati meninggalkan belang, perwira mati meninggalkan nama. Kami sebagai anak Sarawak akan tetap mengenang jasa pengorbananmu.