BNYCT “Facts v Fiction”

BTN Datuk Raja Arif Bin Raja Ali (Ketua Pengarah) in his Crisis of Content said,”When we posts GARBAGE in obviously GARBAGE will come out. audie61 met him at the sidelines of the Cyber Activists Forum organised by BNYCT in Damansara for tea. He further reiterate that bloggers,facebookers should at all times be careful in what they posts or they will land themselves in the wrong side of the law.

Earlier we tweeted on MP Kala’s opening address,”BN fights for the Nation Malaysia” while Pakatan fighting & still fighting for who is going to be PM” Obviously there were very unhappy remarks from the opposition members.

At the end of the full day forum OC and UMB UMNO chief Tun Faisal echoed and rallied the cybertroopers on what his BN and UMNO Youth Chief have told all,”Fitnah lawan Fakta” This can be read in full below from the newspaper article

BN YouthCyberActivists (16032013)


2 thoughts on “BNYCT “Facts v Fiction”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    UMB,BN sarawak sudah bersedia ataupun masih tidur ? Tak harian lah Ahli-ahli politik tempatan upahkan orang luar khususnya dari S malaysia untuk mempromosikan mereka dalam blog-blog yang tertentu.

    Mereka langsung tak mempunayai keyakinan dalam ‘ Pathetic Bloggers ” dari tempat sendiri.kasihan

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