Wira Semporna

michaelA fellow Sarawakian Hadzman Hj Johny posted this in the Facebook and audie61 management and crew together with all Sarawakians and Malaysians extends our condolences to the family.

May the Almighty God Bless the family and look after them in their moments of sadness and give them strength to ovecome their grief. We are all with you in our prayers.

The posting:- WIRA SAMPORNA

Mendiang ASP Michael Padel, 36 tahun berketurunan Bidayuh dan berasal dari Serian, Sarawak. Bertugas di Cawangan Khas IPD Semporna dan meninggalkan seorang balu Puan Jabah Mingku serta seorang anak lelaki berusia 1 tahun.
Kalau harimau mati meninggalkan belang, perwira mati meninggalkan nama. Kami sebagai anak Sarawak akan tetap mengenang jasa pengorbananmu.



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