Trusts Your Abilities…..

influencerWhen you get it right no-one can dislodge you. No one now can bully you. No one ever gave you hope. Like a shining beacon your name is amongst the 222 Members of Malaysia’s New Parliament 2013.

The truth is all that matters. Relax,we saw many sides of the political situations which have happened in and around the country.There were many truimphs just as many as there were losers .That moment of truimph will always edge in their minds be it the first time or the umpteeth.

Mosts of the MP’s look right and in their element when they were elected as there were showered with congratulatory handshakes.messages and shouts of approval from their supporters.

Oh! There are so many of us who wished to be in their shoes but alas only the ones who have been chosen by the people will be able to enjoy these special privileges accorded to them. You have no idea, and it’s that moment when you take the seat amongst the 221 others at the Malaysian Parliament when you say to yourself ” I believe in my abilities to serve the people of Malaysia and in God I trusts.”

No one is a star amongst the 222 MP’s as they will be looking over their shoulders as their voters will be questioning their existence to bring the many promises to reality. It’s not a show anymore and every little movement is worth thousand words of gossips and every wrong turn will be subjected to queries and unbelievable politiking. Some say It’s a Circus out there. What do you think?

Thanks for being on my side, many politicians will tell their people and putting me here.The gift for all of us who have served, lobbied and fought out the elections rough and undulating terrain is to say”I have trusted my ability and done my utmost.”

Sure,there will be many who will cash in on our priceless catch but undoubtedly you will know that the many headaches and heartaches was all worth it. Lets unlock that Potential. Is someone watching and giving you the correct assessment on you candidate. Still, you have the time to correct the faults and see through their needs to ensure that this person is the one who has the right to touch the awesome chair  in Parliament.

Who has that divine right? Let’s take that step back to months before it all happened.

Many are lobbying feverish,some use all their positions to edge through while others are not even thought of as a Malaysian Legislator until “someone”shows them that the path is theirs. There are no limits to how one lobbies and of course it must be within the rules and laws governing the election acts.  Many go through their parties and do we really care how they got their nominations?

How many % do we know how they do it. Only you know and you are privy to that information. You could write a book by the time you finish but it will not be a bestseller as every elections campaign differs. No need for me to tell you as you will see it yourself.

Information is King and you have heard this once too often the pen is mightier than the sword.We are no creep as we have no access to your candidate but it does boil up to the same as the ultimate aim is to ensure your preferred choice makes it to smell the aura of the room and the coveted chair.

You are clear and you know how to do it. That’s good. Make sure you candidate makes it through the  corridors of power and into the room full of 222 Parliamentarians and watchful eyes of millions around the world.

How do you do it? Do you want it or are you the people’s choice?Is it your time or have you used up all your God Given abilites? You are afforded one guess and let’s make use of it. Are you with me now. Good… Follow through now….

Your candidate needs you and your abilities will put them there. Use it and do not close yourself in and whatever and however they see you doesn’t matter. You can move on to the next and there are no limits to what you can do. It’s not about churning out blog articles or as Raja Ptera Kamaruddin (RPK) emphasised it is 60 % truths and 40% spins. Well. the spins were not actually spins but more of an ability to let people see how the political picture will turn out to be.

Yeah we have written about Oh My English and also the many articles which have caused more than a ripple or two but its not and I say about me or you.Its about  your ability to turn heads and your secret of BEING USED TO THE MAXIMUM.

So what is being used but remember your lucky break will be soon and you will  be the most sought after campaigner.

 It’s not pretentious. It’s Real.

You’ve been there. Rewind and thank your lucky star that you have prepared yourself for this day. You are about to give your maiden speech in Parliament. Stretch your imagination now and do some inward breathing. Have you checked it out to find out what its all about.

I say, you now know your abilities and please trust your intuition and don’t be scared and crash as you know your god given gift have propelled another legislator into Malaysia’s Parliament.

Cut the crap on those politiking behind your back as you are too good for that. Get down to your potential candidate by the scruff of his neck and tell him. I want you to touch this coveted chair and focus on whether you want it or not. Did he/she call you? If not,don’t worry…you need to

Trust your own Ability?

4 thoughts on “Trusts Your Abilities…..

  1. 2012 hope says:

    leadership must be measured by results NOT by popularity and influence of alliances.

    They are too many ” election eve YBs ” in Malaysia which one cannot deny.

    It,s not surprise to see that present of most YBs quadrupled during this crucial time.

    No election No YBs,

    • 2012 hope says:

      Terlalu ramai YBs bermusim, yang berbuah sekali sahaja setahun.

      Besides that there are too many listen,listen,listen YBS who say listen when i speak.

      Especially in Swak Anang Ngelaban Perintah aiti ka mansang.

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