PAKATAN/BN Both at 145 “ONLY”..??

Election resultsElection fever is certainly high on everyone’s lips at most CNY open houses. The favourite subject is BN or PR and who will form the government after the elections.

This information is circulating via smses,WhatsApp and emails to many accounts.

The intensity which it is numbered up at 145 for Pakatan and 3 short of 148 which is the 2/3rd figure have many looking over their shoulders. You will have your own opinions and BN Supporters are saying,”16 out of 31 seats to PR- Name them and most agree this will only spur the coalition to work harder.

BN sources have up the ante and also playing mind games with Pakatan and they too have said they will win 145 . You can read it here:- Read more at:

145 Each to Pakatan/BN.. Let’s do more mathematics shall we..

Tell me More….!!


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