Why Malaysiakini Using this Photo?

Can Malaysiakini explain this:- This we extracted out from Malaysiakini comments:- by Civic 1.What the heck is wrong with Malaysiakini putting up photo of the Pope with Najib?

audie61 says,” what is malaysiakini trying to portray. This is regarding the Pope’s resignation and why and what significance does Najib have to play with a Man of God .

It is not right to put religion together with political figures especially so with the RESIGNATION OF THE POPE.

Be sensitive when it comes to RELIGION.

This will ENRAGE many Catholics.

PopeThis is Extracted from the site:-

Pope Benedict XVI announced today he will resign as leader of the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics on February 28 because his age prevented him from carrying out his duties – an unprecedented move in the modern history of the Catholic Church.

“I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry,” the 85-year-old pope said in a speech pronounced in Latin at a meeting of cardinals in the Vatican.

“In order to govern the ship of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognise my incapacity to adequately fulfil the ministry entrusted to me,” he said.

For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter, entrusted to me by the Cardinals on 19 April 2005, in such a way, that as from 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours, the See of Rome, the See of Saint Peter, will be vacant and a Conclave to elect the new Supreme Pontiff will have to be convoked by those whose competence it is,” he said.
Pope Benedict, who has looked increasingly weary in recent months and often has to use a mobile platform to move around St Peter’s basilica during Church services, had hinted in a book of interviews in 2010 that he might resign if he felt he was no longer able to carry out his duties.

Caught by surprise

“The pope caught us a bit by surprise,” Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said at a hastily-arranged press conference.
The only other pope to resign because he felt unable to fulfil his duties was Celestine V in 1296, a hermit who stepped down after just a few months in office saying he yearned for a simpler life and was not physically capable for the office.
Tributes poured in from around the world, with a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel saying the German-born pope deserved “respect” and “gratitude” for his nearly eight years as pontiff.
French President Francois Hollande said the pope’s decision was “eminently respectable”.
Benedict, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, succeeded the long-reigning and popular John Paul II in April 2005 after serving nearly a quarter-century as the Church’s doctrinal enforcer, earning himself the nickname “God’s Rottweiller”.
His papacy has been marked by his efforts to revive the Catholic faith amid rising secularism in the West, as well as the scandals of child abuse by Catholic priests that was hushed-up for decades.
Benedict has championed Christianity’s European roots and showed his conservatism by repeatedly stressing family values and fiercely opposing abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage.

6 thoughts on “Why Malaysiakini Using this Photo?

  1. zik says:

    why not?is not a superimposed photo correct?Najib did meet the Pope corrrect?so blame the photographer la..what the problem with that?dont you want Najib to meet the Pope?I’m confused?emm….

  2. sam kwee-ting says:

    I am sorry, really sorry…..I am still single. I just need to see if I have to marry the right guy, a lapse of more than a quarter of a century in secluded mental expressions,
    publicly or privately. I guess I have finally found someone but I have just as secluded as well as just before from him…. I could only hear his comments…. on me.

    Although I was in his spell of physical controls through the electrical air waves, which
    I should think is known as The Radiations. It has been not serious now, after when I
    felt irritated most when the radiations was very highly sensitively applied on my private parts.

    I have made my numerous complaints to The PDRM and even The Responsible Embassies, well, earlier on, but he and his Gang of my name reference to them as
    ‘The Radiation Panel’ caused the serious crimes of as being of The Suspected
    Opposition Party as the with the following footsteps points:-

    1/ The Radiations Attacks entered my body with a big thump! on my stomach
    to get acknowledgement when I was unawared ironing, in mid July 2011,

    2/ Very susspicious of who’s dirty job it had been. As the physical pains and hurts
    has been tremendous and unexpectedly of instant shocks off and on,

    3/ My curiousity was being solved when I had to imagine the panel’s voices, of their
    personality and their presented images,

    5/ They had been those who just would want to hold on the controls of political
    power in Selangor and her other State allies and believed to be led by
    YB Tony Pua.

    6/ Tony has gained access to The Radiation Systems to really gotten me
    transparently about to collapse my reputation in the Internet and my actual
    background to have the expected political future,

    7/ Even if he has not committed and means of actions of ulterior motives, I feel he
    has created this scene, because his willingness to do so to harm, and not let go
    is I believe his presence in The Malaysian Territories has been Singaporeanized.
    My various times of presence with him and my knowledge of his academic and
    works experience backgrounds would give anyone cooperating with him is all for
    Singapore, especially the less richer Citizens of Singapore. As he has just walked
    in to a new circumstances with such a high Reputation such as YB, the shortest
    period and most suitable way for him to retaiin his survival in Malaysia, is no
    other way, than to bully me, with the cooperations of the body organizations of
    The Radiations, because he has already he hinted to me, he needs ‘The Face’,

    8/ What more, a few of my classmates of my old school days, SMJK Sri Aman,
    were to my surprise, how ‘they’ have got to joiin him in his group to really
    make this harm to me with The motto, ‘The Show has to go on….’

    9/ Eventhough, on ‘ the other side of the wall’, which I could not see what of him
    and his members have done to the world which could just point the finger at me
    that I am over-imagining and the inter-sexed relations of each other is all in
    the mind, as that would be Tony’s kind of personality in relation to my
    knowledge, I only hope those who are with him, spiritually and physically would
    have got his message,….that if it should be better he replaces me as ‘The
    Leader of Support’…..I am after all ‘should be that ‘Singapore High Class
    Prostitute’ and not enjoys life ‘in his territory’….of The DAP. That is of could
    be Tony. Nobody can ever catch hold of his character of his hidden philosophy of
    The Mamasan Winds of Singapore,

    10/ Lastly, if I were a member of The PRM, I should think a nice way to
    comfortably holds on to power in Malaysia, is just in this short period of
    rush for a New Leader , has to be someone elderly from PAS. If Tuk
    Nik Abdul Aziz cannot do the job, there are so many brilliant ones who could
    handle the job well. The reason why PAS should shine:-

    (i) We are Asians.

    (ii) Malaysia cannot depend on Singaporean Power Forces anymore

    (iii) we must investigate how much The Mahathir Empire has ‘swallowed up’

    (iv) Our diplomatical friendship with Africans needs some form of clarifications
    of them, and the best thing is those of their Islamic background identity

    (v) PAS has successfully whether visibly or invisibly given me the support
    needed to grow up with a North Korean upbringing. I would say
    those of The Radiation Panel of whom ever claims to sacrifice for
    for PAS or North Korea, must be carefully studied of their real
    intentions. As it has been very piercing of my senses to hear
    them provoking…..

    (vi) Being a still backward country in the IT world, especially of the large
    portion of The rural population, if for e.g The DAP or PKR would
    to be on power, where else could we head to solve manual problems
    of the rural communities, than THE PR OF CHINA, BUT THEY HAVE
    ALREADY DEGRADED, which would later led to more problems for
    The Government, such as those of The Immigrations, Registrar,
    and or in the future of The Labor Department. Their already
    over-population would certainly seek The Prospering Resort here.
    There is no way we could ever be secluded as them before, unless
    there is no international relationships with each other or all countries
    turned to be secluded with one another which I feel is quite impossible,

    (v) PAS usually is soothing to The Mindset. It never attacks harshly like
    UMNO or DAP, or for this matter PKR

    (vii) Majority of Malaysian peoples are Islam. Therefore, it should be
    instant acceptance to have an Islamic nation among them unless
    The above, as always penetrates with agressions of what they
    have to offer instead

    (viii) All we need to make more people accept them, is to eventually
    find the right Islamic practices, with references to The Quaran
    Principles which of The Tunku era, our first PM, which I should
    think most of PAS manifiesto those days is still applicable to our
    prospered economy. So, especially The Pengajian Islam of UKM
    and UIA have got to work extra hard to rectify verses to suit over
    multi-cultural and races country

    (viii) OIC past recaps of PETRONAS (again) should be carry on further
    of further ‘Rapes of Other Country’s Resources’ would find PAS,
    I am sure a better party to take over The Country’s submission
    to The Hell of ” Singapore Powers” (again…)

    (viiii) My suggestion of making ISKANDAR a Religious Site for us, Malaysians
    and Singaporeans, and then transfer to The Islamic-Hindu-Buddhist
    Thoughts to USM or of a Malaysian Buddhist destination, which it is
    an Emergency calling that we need to unite as soon as possible.
    to be recapturing our good old days in School (RE: THE HUSSEIN ERA).

    (viiiii) If to ask personally whom actually in PAS whom I know better than
    others to be The new Leader is should be who else, but the
    army trained prince of The Acting Director of The Complaints
    Department, YM Tengku Nazaruddin Zanuidin, (of Arabia Ancestry,
    whom I actually suggested that his Princess marries
    President Kim Jong-il’s son, Km Jong Un, before his death. But, others
    spread news I am only that ‘…..boy who cries wolf!….and never
    listened to me. After that so many discomfortable matters arises,
    which includes The Sudden Marriage of President Kim Jong-un,
    whom his wife, LEE ? has just given birth?….well I just hope you all
    consider ending the radiations controls on me as it has given Singapore
    so much chance to destroy which includes opposing my Bus Proposals
    with The Concrete MRTs

    (X) Lastly, if all of you want me to thank The Radiations for be finally
    finding someone I NEED TO MARRY, I should think if PAS, would
    to combine with BN and gets to form an UNITED Government,
    if you all won’t want to thank me, it is alright because I used to
    the bitter sorrows I have had with you all, throughout the almost
    two years radiations attacks.

    # If for those who needs a wife, where a local cannot serve you due to
    the unwillingness of many to marry local men and or perhaps not enough
    women to go around….. I don’t know…. Please write to (white wives/
    companion partners….). :-

    PATRICK@CLOUDWORUS.MY…….you be entertained.

    Thanks Audie. Thank-you. @_@.

  3. sam kwee-ting says:

    8/3/2013, Friday, 3.44 am

    Dear Audie,


    Dear ATM & PDRM,

    I am very glad you made a big fuss of the two policemen who died
    initially as on the start of The Shoot-out at Lahad Datu. I hope
    Malaysia would make me, if there is no one to do the job, to apologize
    to The Government of Phillipines of The Numerous of their soildiers killed.
    I should think they are not territorists but soildiers sent by The Other
    Part of whoever Government to indirectly asked The Malaysia Government
    if HE needs any help in finalizing the rules and laws of The Seas
    Beyond The Sabah Borders.

    As This Subject of Shooting One Another is so broad, we just cannot
    automitically point the finger at anyone. It could be the dirty job of
    The Immigration, as I heard Sabah has been having difficulties in The
    Territory of accomodating The Indonesians and Fillipinos, it could be
    the diplomats cooperating with The Certain Politicians due to The
    Control Hold of The a so and so power in The Business Empires,
    that relates to politics, especially.

    But, I feel The war would be greatly encouraged if something is not
    done to the killings because The PR of China have been giving Hints
    to the local Chinese that They are representing The Japanese Army to
    make a Resweep again over NUSATARA, once more time.

    Now, Malaysia and The Phillipines may be fighting harshly, then the next
    expected assistance would be by The PAP Army of Singapore, which in
    turn would combine with her mentor, The Kuomintang Army which would
    eventually combined with The Communist Party Army, which actually represents
    The Japanese Army.

    To tell you the truth, I won’t mind if it is really The Communist Party in Power.
    But it is not. With her almost eight billion? most populated country in the world,
    China could, like I say, just conquer Malaysia in seconds, even with many deaths.
    But as now, so much Agreements are being made and so many Mixed Japanese-Chinese children are born, between Beijing and Tokyo, it is impossible for
    China to be deeply patriotic to her homeland as when she was being secluded in
    The Communist era before (RE: Embassy of (The PR of) China, KL, Embassy
    of Japan, KL). The Free Trade System it has been administered has been just
    impossible to do so.

    So, as I apologize, eventually, when peace is being brought to The Sabah Shores,
    when our sovereignty should be further off with The Intensification of The Quaran,
    with The Declaration I hope to make of an United Government, as well as The
    intactation of The close relationships with The USA Marines, The Russian Diplomatical
    services in Education and The North koreans in Buddhist Millitarism, I am sure
    we must not sinned on to do more killings because if the two policemen i mentioned
    above have family dignities, I am sure each and everone of the so mentioned
    territorist has a family to sob for him, too. It is really a of the mental tortures
    of such a ‘real scene’ for those are involved, the ATMs, The PDRMs and
    The ‘Fillipino Territorists’. The more we love each other to fight, the more ‘Outsiders’
    would take Advantage, as usual.

    As of this moment, I may only Apologize as a “Chosen or Selected and Responsible
    Citizen’, maybe out from the Laptop of audie website but i don’t think it is time
    for me to become a PM or President because ‘The Japanese Army’ would take
    advantage of my public relations with others to further prosper. I would seek
    to become a leader when i am not discriminated by The Dewi’s Empire of
    ‘High Nose & Fair Skinned’ Beauties.

    Sirs, please consider my point of views! Thanks.

    Sam KATY,
    k/p 5588561


  4. sam kwee-ting says:

    8/3/2013, Friday, 2.12 pm,

    Dear Sirs,

    Sorry for taking so much space without anyone’s commented submissions.

    Actually, I just want to thank The PDRM & The ATM, for making peace
    as of now at The Sabah Coastal Area. It has been a relief to know of
    the stop of killings committed. As I, Katy, is one of the members of The
    Living world, I would say, my type and kind is very scare of sudden deaths.
    Well, I guess everyone wants to live, unless been shot down just like the
    armed men. I would have wore their boots and their uniform (s) and top
    helmet. Perhaps die with a good course instead of sometimes of the one
    or two news appearing of self-committing suicide. I don’t know for what.
    Maybe, for love? For Bankruptcy? For ???. I had ever wanted to commit
    suicide before because sometimes the hurt is so unbearable spiritually, but
    as I withstood the odds in pain, I just passed my days with my healing wounds
    until it is been cured, to withstand new hurtful remarks again. Well, this my
    life again, born as an unplanned child into a very adorable family. But,
    I have always understood every member of my given inborn family, so, if
    when there are people who still sides to discriminate me with bitterness,
    it’s okal, I am used to it since I had a step-mum, whom she eventually got
    to like our relationship so much. But, that there are some who couldn’t get
    over my happiness, so she had to pass away, maybe for my sake. Infact,
    many of the members of my family have passed away, I would say I have
    always something to play about the death circumstances…….

    So, now, I have wrote about ‘The Attempt of The Expansion of Dewi’s Empire’
    or of a similar entitlement to The Embassies, and some persons of Relevance,
    there is nothing better than the getting Dewi’s Empire transformed. Everyone
    of Dewi’s charm in relation would love to do the job. When it is mentioned,
    I should be the only one, the worst, Dewi would just sent ‘her members’ to
    warn me with her ‘kinds of threats’ , which sometimes are the innumerous

    As to report to you now, Sirs, I would still think to handle Dewi’s position,
    the ever powerful and dynamic Butterfly of Nusatara. Although, my beauty
    is not sufficient to stand up above beyond her beautiful image, as of
    especially bearing her high nose insults for more than three decades, to be
    to do something about the flatness, like go for an injection or the plastic surgery like
    to ‘normalize’ a beautiful nose, I suppose she should stop the
    reactions of nose pinchings already, as now, because I would clarify, as of
    now I am after all Dewi’s child, who made it to The Scholastic world. I hope
    with these words, I won’t be taken for granted anymore because there is
    so much I need to rectify, plan, organize as of my degree in Sociology.

    If I am Dewi’s child, taking her of the Rites of her humble means to be noble
    as a powerful economy of her humble beginings, I have been returning again to her needed Desires, that is to be on the psychiatric medications. Here, I would like
    to Thank Dr Leong (Mohd.) for granting me the Right to say I wish only to take
    the lesser dosage. Therefore, how he liased with Dewi behind my back to please
    her I won’t know, but at least, I don’t have The Mental Blocks I used to have.
    Just like a Dummy, unable to pour out knowledge as of the period now, after
    my father had spent so much money on our means to send me to The States,
    and he really worked hard for his lower position in his company and in his
    social upbringing.

    Since I have wasted more than a quarter century to be under Dewi’s commands,
    which really is actually not necessary, as she would not only want to make fun of me
    but also would like to make fun of her men, as well. I would say, for the experience
    of her stlye in men-entertaining, it is very hard for me to accept that i need to go through what I actually need to go through of the way she deals with good-natured men, as taking the pychotic medications after going through so many post-graduate courses in The States and unawarely made to be just an ordinarily mental patient
    that has been passing my normal days, there is witnessess to realize since my
    admission to UKM, I would just like to say Dewi has been destructive and wasted
    so many passed Phds years of my life, but yet, I am still scare to carry on….
    my academical life, after discovering that my anxieties were actually the submission
    of such symptom drugs in the contents on whatever I have been taking. So,
    anytime, anywhere, I would get be a sudden stance to get the discomfortable feelings if or whenever Dewi would like me to have it. And as a stupid fool, I kept on
    wanting to discover new drugs that could be able to cure my discomfortable
    anxieties (only until recently I realized it had been a made believed symptom to
    suffer with well controlled timings).

    So, now, as said, I won’t do the things Dewi would have done to her men,
    but after, my Bus Proposals, is been delegated to The Responsible Persons,
    I would like to thank my earliest sociological phiosophers, mainly Auguste Comte
    of France and Karl Marx of Germany in whatever way that I could take over
    Dewi’s place in my replacements of studies to soothe a better place for men,
    ‘ hand in hand’ with their beloving women of around Dewi’s world. Dewi may
    feel a little uneasy, but through my four years of contempletations with UKM,
    I have only been led to THINK MORE OF DEWI! She was not so deeply felt
    in Malaysia before, but as I remained just a ‘decaying vegetable’ with her
    heavy medications, she really overtook the country in storms. Now, her men
    and women are everywhere, with many realizations of (ALLAH) being going on,
    but some them would have trouble giving up what Dewi has offered them.
    As it has been a psychology procedure, where Dewi has gained through her men
    in her entertainment. Therefore, the field has been handed down, maybe
    the incorrect way, therefore when brought home, the way in handling the field
    is through her Entertainment ways, and therefore Psychology is abused, in the
    eyes of Asians. Actually, if Psychology is been used as of The Scholastic ways,
    such as in Child Education or Interpersonal Social Psychology (e.g in Welfare Departments), it is not only an interesting token gift to treasure of such admitted
    knowledge, of one’s inner qualifications, but the values to generate persons
    of such minds, it is really your most valuable and needed heart. Organizational
    Psychology is okal to do business, but ‘the wolf’ is always there to take advantage of the profits accumalated through such means. They are vulnerable in the sense
    that the Organization they belong to or the Academicians who handed down the
    Researching knowledge, must actually have to give a tightly controlled briefings before
    anything is being practiced. If not, if such practice is being used abusively, there must
    have been through the channels of Dewi’s. Who else?

    Yes, ending, after my Bus Transportation programs, I would just seek back
    the world of my earliest mentors, as in the field of Sociological, which always
    has an attractive Resort in The UNITED NATIONS (RE: Unesco).

    thanks. Audie 61.
    Sam K.t (KATY)

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