P192 “G5 Will Not Give Up..!!”.

Abat5No Matter what Happens the G5 will not Give Up until the GE13.

An sms has now gone viral and it has caught the attention of certain concerned grassroot leaders in SPDP.Eventhough DPM Muhyddin has made it clear that only BN component party members will be selected to represent BN the “sacked incumbent MP” and his allies have not given up hope.

There seems to be a twist to their actions as they are hell bent to “reveal all if their intentions” are not met.

The 2 sms received,’ Is there any truth to this..?? 

  • Yesterday Nansian,tiki group meeting community leaderrs at Kampung sua they formed a group of 10 in every kampung and each of the member were given RM1000 to move and convince people that Tiki will still be the Bn candidate.
  • Today talks is that Nansian and Tiki are also planning a day event on February16th to hijack community leaders away from SPDP night dinner function.  

Since it has gone viral it is our responsibilty as BN members to inform and to ensure that “SABOTAGING” is minimise or “STAMPED OUT” and to ask the G5 members who are so called “BN-friendly” to toe the line. The message from the DPM is clear concise and spelt out very clearly.{ NO DIRECT BN CANDIDATE }

If they do not understand we can still ask them politely here,

  • 1.Please go and see DPM
  • 2.Ask him whether he meant it or just a rhetoric to please the crowd present? 
  • 3.If it is ask him to issue a Press Statement and have it published.

PBB leaders in the( P192) MAS GADING Parliamentary Constituency have been coming out strongly accepting the facts and throwing their support to Anthony Nogeh who has been chosen as SPDP candidate.

SPDP on its part must remember this says a concerned member as he quoted Master Sun Tzu and he warns against remaining,”in ignorance of the enemy’s condition simply because one grudges the outlay of a hundred ounces of silver in honours and emoluments” Considering the cost of war”it is the height of inhumanity“not to pay for knowledge that will assist victory”

We must do our DUE DELIGENGE he said and eventhough we are prepared for any eventualities we must and should not take anything forgranted. SPDP must have their ‘ears fixed on the ground” and any little movements must be reported back to headquarters or to the candidate chosen

All negative feedbacks must be dealt accordingly and swiflty to ensure the party maintains a comfortable grip on the situation.

The earlier the candidate believes that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER the brighter his outlook is. If he still thinks he can just waltzed through he will be in for a RUDE AWAKENING. 

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