SPDP Vice Chairman says “Terima Kasih PBB”

captain zainuddin tun hamdan sirat (b)In a telephone conversation to audie61 Capt.Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamden Sirat on behalf of SPDP and President Tan Sri William Mawan expressed his mosts sincere thanks to PBB directly through to SG Datuk Stephan Rundi in the light of recent comments from grassroot members and leaders in Mas Gading Parliamentary Area. They were enroute from Bintulu to Miri.

SG Rundi thanked Capt.Zainududdin and said,”Get everything in tiptop order and organised and do not leave any stones unturned and win it for Barisan Nasional and your party SPDP. He reiterated that we go into the GE13 as 1BN and together we will be strong.”

Captain Zainuddin added we are united and we will work hard and ensure that the 4 SPDP seats remains with BN.

On another note he as Chairman of Mambong SPDP said that the party is all out to ensure a resounding victory for PBB in the Mambong Constituency. We are with PBB all the way in Mambong and I’m sure all SPDP members will be with all BN component parties in the 31 Parliamentary seats.

Capt.Zainuddin mentioned that all party members will be disciplined and if there are “traitors of BN” they will be disciplined by the party and referred to the disciplinary committee for immediate action. Those who still have doubts they better stand down says Captain Zainuddin.


8 thoughts on “SPDP Vice Chairman says “Terima Kasih PBB”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Even Dr Tiki stands as independent candidate,he can easily beat any nominated SPDP candidates.

    DPM camp is not hoping for bigger majority in this election instead just win with a slim one so as the chance for him to become PM is bigger.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    I am not corrupted ,but i have amassed RM 35.4 billion during 32 years tenure

    32 x 365 x 3 million = RM 35040 million.Tak banyak lah,belum dapat lawan Carlos Slim,terkaya di dunia dari Mexicao lagi,US 64 billion.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Najib makes into Msia Book Record as PM to announce latest date for election.83 days before automatic dissolution of parliament.

    He must has the feeling that this is his first term and also last term,thus delaying PRU so as he can stay longer.

    He doesn,t want to be shortest PM in Msia in days.

  4. 2012 hope says:

    BN sponsored Gangnam style to woo voters during chinese new year.

    The penangites are not orang Ulu or orang kampung,Rural folks who like Pesta and concerts most.

    It,s not surprise to see whole family or even whole kampung thronged such activities in rural areas for reason lack of entertainments.

    VVVIP visits shaken the entire Kampungs with young and old fast to collect heap of rubbish talks by their leaders.sound fuuny and stupid

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