Anwar Stop Dreaming of Putrajaya..!!!

aw n mMahathir former Prime Minister of Malaysia still holds the blade of the sword which can and still determines the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Though many point fingers at him for the many wrongs that he had done during his tenure as PM one can never run away from the fact that Mahathir put Malaysia in the World Map.

Till today you would shout with joy and enthusiasm when the group of you say this in a foreign country,’MALAYSIA BOLEH”. Wouldn’t You?

I was a late upstart in politics though my roots were very much entrenched with it. In other words I am still naive unlike Mahathir they say, so whats has this got to do with Anwar going to Putrajaya? This is a continuation.Am I confusing you my friend? Don’t be and read on…

Yesterday we wrote on Pakatan v BN and before I called it a day the question was”

It will be a BATTLE ROYALE ….Do we need to write more..??

An early phone call and an sms got me out of bed and the message was simple”Read between the lines of the RCI on Sabah on what Grand Masters (Mahathir) message.

It dawned to me on the many sad tales on how and who were involved at that particular time in Sabah. {Former MPBandar Kuching  Sim Kwang Yang would say this to me again,”Get to the Point” Don’t pusing,pusing was what he told me in front of Haris Ibrahim,Del Capo and Wong Chin Huat when and before Hornbill Unleashed Blog took the Sarawak cyberspace and well before Sarawak Report.} This has got nothing to do with Anwar going to Putrajaya one may ask and i may say you are spot on and correct.

Whats the big deal than? Chedet or Mahathir was also a blogger and many followed his thoughts and writings in the internet lambasting the wrongs of the government of the day and he also left UMNO. Today by virtue of being in the know he has sliced open the painstaking efforts of Anwar trying to convince Sabahans the time is now for a change and getting to Putrajaya with the Pakatan group.

Sarawakians also would hold back after knowing their neighbour Sabah were dealt a raw deal by the then Director of Operations as Mahathir put it and this extracted from Malaysiakini”

  • 1. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was directly involved in the project to issue citizenship and identity cards to unqualified immigrants Sabah in the 90s, and without orders from him, claims former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
  • 2. not necessarily following instructions from the chain of command
  • 3. “He had a hand in it,” alleged Mahathir adding that what happened may have included illegal action and abuse of process.
  • 4. “I’ll stick to the facts,” assured Mahathir.

Get to the point you will be shouting. So what that was nearly 25 years ago. Times have changed and Anwar is now the Opposition Leader which holds DAP,PAS and PKR together as a United front in Pakatan.

Sabahans must remember to find the truth too? Who else is involved? PM Mahathir at that time wanted to find ways to see an end to PBS rule. Who was the chief strategist? Did Anwar use all his knowhow then to ensure that he has a major stake in taking over the State of Sabah and thereby in major manoevering of his quests for the 25 UMNO divisions which would easily propel him to be UMNO President and PM Malaysia.

His first attempt failed and the rests they say is history and Mahathir knows that he still holds the blade and Anwar is slicing himself wide open and has blood trickling down from his hands. 

As we approach the GE13 many unhealthy political dirt would surface and its only right that we must digress fully and not only vote for the persons we want but also ensure that the coalition knows what is the whole “masteplan” behind the absolute quest for Putrajaya. PAS and DAP knows they can capitalise on Anwars rhetorics,charm and crowd puller for Putrajaya and obviously holds them together.

Najib’s “unelected” PM posts so what..!! He has brought the RC1 on Sabah and the truth will prevail. Sabahans will get to the bottom of it and they will know who is the real culprti behind it all. Are or will they be more names brought out and sacrificed for the better good of Malaysia.?

We pick our leaders and like Sabahans we as Sarawakians knows who our leaders are and for better or worse after we vote them will have to judge them and seed how they perform. If they really are not up to our espectations we change them. But remember the YB’s and MPs are by the people,for the people and with the people and what we are voting for in this GE13 will have a major impact on where we stand as a Nation in years to come.

I want to write more but the RC1 Sabah findings will have a major bearing on the mindset of how Sabah and Sarawakians vote (25+31 MPs) into Parliament.

Mahathir led the nation for 22 years and he knows a little or more about this protege Anwar and though they are on differnt platforms now the people will still remember that Mahathir put Malaysia on world stage and when the Grand Master speaks the knife sticks at the heart and in the brain.

You will make your choice in GE13 and Anwar will need to convince you all that he is not involved but its not possible as he was very much Mahathirs” blue eyed boy” then. They would be others involved and will take centrestage.

Hopefully sir/madam your friends are not involved and we know DAP/PAS are looking at these developments of the RC1 with an eye towards the GE13 and also whether their dreams of Putrajaya will be halted by all the findings.

Are you still with us? Until next time more to folllow