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Wow! Cindy was asked to check on a report from a former colleague in Malaysiakini and it was titled: Anwar: Mahathir asked World Bank for aid . This must be a direct response to Mahathir who still gives his more than “2 cents opinion” in the run up to General Elections. Anwar knows his time is running short (sodomy verdict January 9th.??) and he needs to use the time to attack incessantly at BN. Mahathir still has his wires attached to UMNO and BN and Anwar will try to clip and chip it away.

Godfathers/warlords or whatever names are accorded to the seniors/veterans of parties will have their hands full as the cybertroopers from both political divided will leave no stones unturned. This GE13 is anything but easy for both BN/Pakatan. The voters have woken up and they know that their casting votes are only for those “winnable,credible and people first…

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