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Another SUPP Youth Chief has arrived at Bandar Kuching Parliamentary to challenge the incumbent MP Chong Chieng Jen. The DAP Machinery knows that the SUPP Candidate Tan Kai will provide a sterner tests to Chong than his predecessor Alan Sim.

It seems that SUPP is about to regain losts ground as PM Najib has indicated that even Bandar Sibu SUPP will be able to wrestle it back from DAP as the ground is shifting towards SUPP. What has happened is that SUPP Sibu have found out the achilles heel of DAP. They are fighting tooth and nail against DAP but knows that Sibu is within a whisker away of falling back to SUPP.

In Bandar Kuching SUPP in many Chinese voters eyes it is like a sacrifial lamb to be slaughtered. Who is Tan Kai to provide a slightest ‘worry” for DAP Chong or even a new face. ? Tan Kai…

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