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AWANG TENGAH ALI HASSAN/ BATANG AIRThe blame game started as soon as our first article on the subject matter hit the cyberworld. It does seem now that there is something more sinister which we did not want to address as it concerns”Black Magic or Bomohism

There have been many phone calls plus some not so nice words exchanged to us. We were informed that the plot and evil plans have been in motion for sometime and it will surface soon. Awang Tengah’s men are now in denial and shifting gears to repair Collateral Damage. Little did they know this appeared today in the notoriously widely read http://www.sarawakreport.org and we extract the following for Awang Tengah’s men to ponder on.

By the way, we did not speak or call the portal sarawakreport. Awang Tengah’s men have a tendency to push the blame to others.

It’s high time they own up and pay for their over enthusiasm and instigating those…

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