Awang Tengah’s Men “Act of Betrayal…??”


It is even worst when the trust and confidence was wholly given and a plot is seemingly hatched.

They are saying”It’s time for the King to step down and he has outlived his usage” Usually these words are used by the King to rid off those who at the material time does not serve any purpose. Awang Tengah’s men have even termed “Pek Moh” White Rajah” which are used by the opposition and calling him by the name KING.

The KING would serve their project of “act of betrayal” to put their rightful heir to the Chief Ministers Chair”They have ‘bisik bisik”{whispering campaign} 3 reasons which even the common people within the coalition parties will buy.

  1. He has promised to Step down within two years after the State Elections which is still used from 1990’s.Has He?
  2. Federal has seen him to be too powerful and need Internal State assistance to remove him.thats the truth they say..
  3. Time’s up for Melanau rule ever since 1970-2013 (43 years too long) they say..” We need someone else and boss Tengah is the rightful heir. Tengah is untouchable now with war chests full”

Awnag Tengah’s men know that the Federal Government is in favour of someone else instead of their mentor. They are sharpening and brandishing their weapons for the final countdown. The numbers are there as one needs to know only that 5BN club Ybs are his,PRS State YBs are edging closer to him,SUPP YB Dayaks too and a substantial number of PBB Aduns.

Just how many ADUNS are moving with him and being put together by his men is anyones guess.? Have you totalled them up? We got the numbers and who’s who but will not detail it here.WAIT LAH..

The plot hatched is enough to tell the Federal boys my man is good enough for the CM’s seat..

The horse is in his final run and its getting weaker and you need to saddle onto a stronger horse which are famously uttered by the Speaker of Sarawak State assembly Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar. So is it an act of betrayal by him?

Asfia was acting Governor and many said he was relishing the posts and loved all the attention and pomp that comes with the office.In order to suvive in the political world one needs to sacrifice others for his own salvation.

Obviously one needs to SACRIFICE TO SURVIVE and hence the ACT OF BETRAYAL takes place. Is he very much part of this plot? 

{You of all people reading this should know more than me.}

The informer a former major who called us very early this Sunday morning said “the Mathematics adds up” and his men are on the ground whispering and talking to the soldiers now. They have already PUT THE GENERALS in place and its now a matter of timing.

Even amongst the top civil service Awang Tengah’s man are sitting in and stopping Taibs man at their tracks or being put in position to threatened their plot.

It does look like the top Federal leader and his “hatchet man”are not too happy with Taib but the second in command is protecting him to be removed sooner rather than later. As GE13 looms nearer and PBB elections in full swing the plot has to work in favour of Tengah’s man or else they will be detroned and have to live outside their comfort zones.

It is not for the faint hearted and the Trilogy which we wrote earlier is bearing fruit:-

PBB veteran leaders and those sitting in the MKT’s(supreme council)  will obviously harp the same tune” we are behind Taib and we need his wisdom and political knowledge to get BN through the GE.” Our common enemy is PAKATAN.

Very True, but the tune is not being played and accepted by the grassroots as they are facing the enemies headon which are calling for the END OF “PEK MOH” TAIBS RULE. They are all informing their YBs we need to move now or never.

Its a difficult situation for many loyalists to Taib but they too need to look after their ‘rice bowls”. It usually starts from the youth and divisional/branch members and if Taibs men doesn’t cut off the betrayers/traitors they themselves will fall the hardest.

Awang Tengah himself has subjected to learn and be Taibs trusted lieutenant and will always swear allegiance to him but deep down within his inner circles the truth is otherwise.

A person can take so much and if Mahathirs theory of turning the gun towards Anwar in 1998 failed a different “storyline” would have emerged.

Taib knows he has to train his guns at one of his own soon for his own survival likewise Awang’s men and they are rapidly spreading the word that Taib will not be there after PBB convention and earliest in April.

The switch is turned on and it will not STOP…until the next time my friends..BE PATIENT.

Awang Tengah”s Men Making their Moves..?”

We each have our own reasons to make the moves.

tengahIn the Lord of the Rings movie the ring was very “PRECIOUS” says Gollum. He wants it, he needs it and he practically betrays his own master.

In this succession and a follow up to the Trilogy -The road to the 22nd floor which is the Office of the Chief Minister of Sarawak there are undercurrents and it seems some people just cannot wait any longer.

We covered it in details a few months ago :- but since its got a bit more spicy and the words used are worst than bushfires.

Taib with half of his eyes closed still maintains that he knows what is happening. However his closest aides and relatives are uncomfortable and are very worried as the ones he has put his trusts have turned against him.

In the following days we would be putting it together to reveal how the trusted aides men have moved his man to inform business partners/associates to look towards the FUTURE and ABANDON Taib and also end Melanau rule.

It is not Awang Tengah himself but those associated with him they say.Are you buying that?

Are you ready for more?? Soon my friends..

PKR v SUPP at P196 Stampin.?

supp-pkr-dapWill DAP Give Way to PKR in P196?

In the 2008 General Elections the following are the results:- Yong Khoon Seng(BN 21966) Voon Lee Shan (DAP 18896) See Chee How (PKR 2198). Surely, by looking at the statistics and also the performances of DAP Assemblyman in the State 2011 Elections it looks likely that DAP stands a better chance to rattle or unseat BN in P196 Stampin.

PKR will have strong objections as their candidate have been working full time eversince See Chee How put in a poor showing in a three cornered fight in 2008. See Chee How garnered an impressive win in the last State elections in Batu Lintang Seat. He polled 13235 against BN/SUPP Sih Hua Tong 4854 while Independant Lina Soo managed 290 votes.

P196 is made up of 3 state seats in Batu Lintang,Kota Sentosa and Batu Kawah and the total votes Pakatan garnered was 33267 while BN 19520  of over 13000 votes.  What makes PKR wanting to contest? If one reads into the statistics in the last state elections the majority of votes garnered by See Chee How speaks volumes of the support for PKR. This looks likely to be a political decision where the wrong move will mean that Pakatan will not have a Parlimentarian in p196 

Moreover DAP candidate for this area is hardly seen and many voters are beginning to have the impression that DAP have suddenly been “too bossy” and “forgotten their functions as YBs in both areas” . They think they have the divine right to the seat and eventhough PKR have worked hard in P196 they will not give in to PKR’s chosen candidate Voon Shiak Ni.

SUPP have chosen Wilfred Yap 46 year old lawyer as their first choice and he is currently the SG for the Youth Central Wing. Yap have moved his machinery and seen to be engaging with DAP of late but he has been ignoring the movements by Voon. By the time elections are called this seat will have at least 89000 voters which makes it the biggest Parliamentary constituency in Sarawak.

Voon with the help of her own cyber team and ground machinery is going all out to ensure the Wanita PKR Sarawak makes a breakthrough in Sarawak. She is the National Vice Chairman of PKR and the wanita wing are all out to take on SUPP.

DAP for all their breakthrough at the State elections will also put their preferred candidates in Dr.Tang or another new face. According to sources close to Dr.Tang if there is another young candidate below 30 instead of Dr.Tang there will be a ‘serious split” in DAP ranks and file. DAP hierarchy are watching closely the ground movements and are even “willing to sacrifice’ the seat in order to see a united DAP Sarawak. 

Meanwhile PKR ADUN Batu Lintang told audie61” We will work hard to try to secure a seat in Stampin and SUPP candidate it seems could still be between Wilfred Yap and Lo Khere Chiang. Like Pakatan we are still looking at the candidate that will deliver the seat and BN likewise.

See Chee How was also trying to be diplomatic and he said if you remember what the Wanita PKR Chief Zubaidah have said,”that there was a strong possibility that Voon might be fielded in the coming GE in Stampin” She said that PKR are fighting hard to field their own and so does DAP who also wants it.

She continued that there will be only one candidate from Pakatan and we are monitoring the situation and getting public response on who is the right candidate. The odds are stacked against DAP as their candidate have yet to make their rounds and PUBLIC PERCEPTION is very important when choosing an election candidate. 

Wilfred for all his support from the CWC still needs to convince the people and the perception that he is the candidate to represent BN. He has yet to mobilise his cyber team unlike Voon who has engage and consistently inform the top Pakatan National and State leadership she is the rightful candidate to represent Pakatan.

There is so much SUPP needs to learn to transfrom in the urban area as what they have used in previous elections needs to be overhauled. The urbanites are using mostly socialmedia,blogs,linkedin,reddit,digg,stumbleupon and of course facebook. 

It is sad that many veteran and elderly politicians still believe that their tried and tested methods for campaigning still hold water. They must learn from Tun Mahathir when he was feeling sidelined he started his own blog and see how far it got him.

Its so unfortunate that Wilfred is also caught in a “time capsule” according to many cyber practitioners who feels he needs to really capitalise on this technology and feels he will be left behind in the polls. The Pakatan machinery is now in full swing and they too do not think they are certainties but they are willing to sacrifice for the party by working FULL TIME.

SUPP’s mindset has to change or else they will be served as with a tag as the ‘weak partner” of BN. PBB.PRS and SPDP have their own cyber teams in place and though their majority seats are mainly rural based their followers are very much engaging the opposition daily.

A PBB Yb even told me in his rural area even a Penghulu of nearly 70 years old are asking for Wifi 24/7 and not intermittent signals as they need to know what is being churned out through twitter/sms/blogs and facebooks. It’s getting more open and even now radios are distributed by the opposition while 1 Malaysia laptops are distributed to the rural folks by BN.

However, SUPP taking on PKR or DAP they need not only to train their cyber troops well but also need the other independant troopers who knows how to penetrate the mindset of the people and ensure that they will not be swayed come voting day. The cyber dessimation of information is not just for those who feels like engaging for social “syok sendiri” or be put in as what is now called volunteerism by many.

There are no more FREE LUNCHES in this day and age of politics unlike our forefathers days says many of the so called volunteers and party members. It’s a sad fact but this is REALITY.

Who will still believe the same daggling of carrot of promises which was used by many politicians. PKR,DAP and SUPP fighting in the urban areas needs to get the necessry tools too for their cybertroopers to use to interact and engage in cyberspace and its not CHEAP. 

It also consumes hell a lot of time which the politicians fail to notice and count in dollars hours. The cyber space are shared by many but only a handful are getting their messages and information across to create ripples and shake the whole of Malaysia.

The top leaders are all watching on the whose who in the cyberworld and anything which even scratches just their top of the foreheads needs to be addressed.

Bad publicity is a NO NO in politics and they know how difficult it is to put it right. Even by keeping quiet the votes will be losts to the other party. Some in SUPP have found out but it came a little too late. Wilfred and Voon represent the younger set of politicians and they know that this tool must and should not be disregarded.  DAP has yet to switch its own engine on and they will regret that they did it too late this time round.

P196 whoever steals a march will be sworn in as the Member of Parliament.  

Larry Sng “An Outsider Now..?”

SWP{Sarawak Workers Party} so called BN friendly have trained their guns at PRS even since it was registered in May.There was so much “Bitternest” and Hate Venom” which both of the two party supporters have experienced in their fall out and sackings from PRS and its no wonder that the GE13 will be their battleground.

To date SWP has two State YBs in George Lagong who won as independant in Pelagus and has since joined SWP as Deputy President and Wong Judat who resigned from SPDP and chose to join SWP to engage in a personal vendetta with Joseph Salang of PRS in the nxt GE13.

A senior SWP member said”PRS James Masing has helmed the party and its time he knows that he won the decision after GE12 as BN was badly rocked by not even achieving the 2/3rds majority.BN needed the 6 PRS seats for fear that there might be crossover in the “infamous 916″ takeover of Federal government.

PRS in recent months have voiced their concerns and are very uncomfortable with the BN-friendly tag by SWP. In recent months the BN Sarawak SG Stephan Rundi has even said this”If you ask me as BN secretary-general, I see any new party that fights any of our component parties as ‘you touch one you touch all, you fight one you fight all’. This principle remains and will be there as long as BN is ruling this country

If you fight one of us, you cannot call us friends,”

Even PM Najib on June 3rd 2012 had this to say”SWP cannot claim to be BN-friendly when it wants to contest against the BN. Such action is obviously not consistent.If it is really BN-friendly, what is wrong in supporting all BN candidates. That is the crux of the issue.”

  State PKR Election Bureau secretariat official Baharuddin Mokhsen told audie61″ SWP versus PRS is good as we in PKR and Pakatan will be able to capitalise on the infighting which persists in BN. We are “well prepared for the election” anytime when Najib dissolves ParliamentBN friendly or whatever SWP wants to call it doesn’t matter to us as we have shorlisted our candidates to face BN and hurt them when they least expects. 

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu was also not too BN friendly to SWP when he termed SWP as ‘musang berbulu ayam{fox dressed up in chicken’s clothes} It’s leaders said that they are pro-BN but on the other hand it wants to fight PRS in their 6 designated areas.

SO Nyallau is not alone fighting SWP.. He has made his point in a press statement below:-


GE13-Singapore Cybertroopers Too..??

Hanisya Abdul Hamid media sosial 4Can we blame them?

BN Malaysia’s own elite forces the UNIT MEDIA BARU (UMB) in all political parties are now overshadowed so it seems and in comes Singapore for Pakatan. They are capitalising on the lack of cohesion,understanding and  ever changing names of Social media troops in the BN ranks.

Pakatans forces are gelled and they attack incessantly and our eye lids are still not even open let alone going for cyberwarfare. Only a handful are using their own names to show that they belong to BN Malaysia while the rests are fighting still the Guerilla style or now better known as Gangnam or local dialect Gagoh style.

So when this article is posted we took a keen interests and please its not Pakatan fault but they are capitalising on what is offered to really go for GE13. The past is what we call “CERITA LAMA” as my good friend in PBB said and Pakatans machinery now is oiling well. Is it enough to take over Putrajaya?

We better be prepared or else we will be knocked out……


A BN YB even said to us”Did our UMB work duirng the last state elections? By the way, he was not even a YB then(candidate he was and does he know?) Please dont be too cocky mind my language again.

We fought like hell 8 am till 2 am everyday for a month my YB .The urban areas we losts heavily is because some of us took forgranted. They did not heed the message and got turned over nicely. Now BN should not just take “Cerita lama” and use the same Trojan Horses to defend the territories of BN.

A BN Youth boy said,”SUPP never learns and they use the same recycle personnels to fight the frontlines while these veterans should be used inside the strong room”

Read this too:-

We will have more soon as BN rids itself of jumping up and down in the same circle.

The article copied below in totality:-

Perang Maya makin hebat, makin mendapat tempat, makin sengit dengan pelbagai kaedah dan platform yang digunapakai.

Disaat ini, siapa yang menguasai semua medium atau platform maka merekanlah yang akan mengatasi pihak lawan. Pakatan haram memang terkenal dengan strategi kotor perang cyber sejak sebelum PRU12, walhal ketika itu Malaysia masih baru dalam dunia siber dan tak ramai yang membaca menggunakan internet malah penulis maya amat kurang.
Penggunaan Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster dan sebagainya amat ketara ketika ini dan setiap medium atau platform mempunyai pengikut tersendiri malah ianya diberi penambahbaikan setiap masa bersesuaian dengan peningkatan kelajuan teknologi masakini.
Kadar pembaca internet atau maya sudah bertambah, berbillion pembaca malah di Malaysia, pengguna Facebook sendiri melebihi 9 juta orang;
Kalau sebelum PRU12, pakatan haram menguasai perang siber, kini setelah PRU12, jentera maya BN mula menguasai alam siber dan peralihan pembaca mula ketara ke arah mencari kebenaran bukan lagi fitnah dan adu domba.
Pembaca bijak menilai yang mana fakta dan yang mana rekayasa dan fitnah. Keadaan ini menyebabkan pasukan maya pakatan haram mula mengambil langkah drastik, menambah bilangan jentera dan mendapat khidmat tenaga pengajar dari luar Malaysia. Khabarnya pakatan haram mula impot tenaga pengajar dari negara jiran, Singapura yang kononnya lebih advance dan telah diuji di pilihanraya mereka tahun lepas.
Walaupun parti pemerintah menang dan hilang sejumlah kerusi tanpa dijangka namun taktik dan teknik yang mereka uji ternyata berkesan terutama “perang gerila” yang medannya adalah bandar bukan kampung.
Jumlah pembaca internet majoritinya dari bandar kerana kemudahan rangkaian “broadband” atau jalur lebar serta kelajuan akses. Itu semua kriteria penting dalam menentukan berita atau maklumat dapat sampai tepat pada waktu atau “realtime” menjadikan setiap berita lebih dicepat sampai kepada pembaca.
Pembaca maya lebih suka berita terkini kerana mereka boleh akses dimana saja dengan adanya kemudahan telepon mudahalih atau “smart phone” yang mana mereka tidak lagi perlu buka komputer riba atau komputer meja. Akses di mana saja, bila-bila masa.
Pakatan haram dilihat amat terdesak kerana terpaksa minta bantuan kononnya pakar dari Singapura dalam menguruskan jentera maya dan gambar di atas adalah sebahagian latihan jentera maya mereka yang mana kursus sebegini dibuat dari masa ke semasa. Malah mungkin Dap yang cadangkan agar menggunakan dan membayar tenaga pengajar dari Singapura kerana kedengaran angin kencang bertiup bahawa Dap telah membuka pejabatnya di Singapura.
Lim Guan Eng khabarnya telah membuka pejabat Dap di sana supaya mereka senang berurusan “menyerang” kedudukan Kerajaan BN dari sana. Terbaru isu kapal selam yang mana peguam dari Perancis mengadakan taklimat langsung kepada barisan kepimpinan dan juga jentera siber mereka di sana.
Pakatan haram menggunakan strategi menyerang dari luar Malaysia kerana mereka beranggapan undang-undang Malaysia tidak mampu melangkaui sempadan negara lain. Apatah lagi undang-undang maya amat berbeza antara negara.
Persoalan yang timbul, apakah rancangan sebenar pakatan haram kiranya mereka menang PRU13 ?
– Apakah Singapura akan masuk kembali dalam Malaysia ?
– Apakah strategi jumlah kerusi parlimen cina Singapura bakal menjadikan jumlah kerusi Melayu bakal berkurangan akan memberi kelebihan kepada Dap yang bercita-cita menjadi Perdana Menteri ?
– Lee Kuan Yew pernah berkata, sebelum matanya tertutup rapat, beliau ingin menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.
Persoalannya kalau Singapura pakar dalam “cyberwar” kenapa parti PAP pimpinan Lee Kuan Yew merudum ? malah lebih teruk, kenapa lantik dan bayar pensyarah dari Malaysia untuk mengajar mereka bagaimana menulis blog ?
Tak perlu MI sebutkan nama blogger dari Malaysia yang dijemput ke sana semata-mata untuk mengajar bagaimana menggunakan blog untuk perang siber.
Anwar dilihat terdesak dalam usaha menjalinkan hubungan dengan Singapura, ada sumber mengatakan Anwar terpaksa kerana cerita moralnya banyak dalam genggaman pasukan risik Singapura. Adakah wujud unsur ugutan terhadap Anwar yang menyebabkan “team Singapura” bebas memandu jentera PRU13 mereka ?


anwar & najib 2When Parliament is dissolved on whichever date the PM Najib so decides the battle lines have already been drawn. Those who are clearly BN will support their own man while Pakatan likewise. Many voters too have long made up their minds so they say or you presumed.

The campaign period before polling day in the 222 constituencies will no doubt turn very PERSONAL.The candidates campaign team will go all out to sway the FENCESITTERS who will be the key to this GE13.

When a former SUPP Assistant Minister told us “I thought I had nearly 3000 new voters which the party registered in my area to ensure I win hands down but  in the final analysis it became worse. We can do so much for the voters but its the TOP LEADER they want and we are just part of the whole system. This was the state elections.

In the upcoming GE13 the same application holds when the 222 candidates will determine who will be the ruling government. Their voters will want their man but the FENCESITTERS ( one who does not side) also known in this context as new voters or undecided voters holds the key.

We can campaign on issues,policies and what nots but the VOTERS will determine who sits in that chair in Putrajaya. Each 222 campaign team needs to work hard on the ground and secure the votes.

Anwar and Najib selling points are there and our Emeritus Professor told us”Najib was given the Premiership and has to be elected while Anwar desperatedly needs and wants the seat” Both will need the voters  and their candidates in 222 areas to put them to Putrajaya.

Don’t turn round and tell us next,’ We already know this,that and we have been doing the same thing and we have been winning elections after elections. ”


A BN Youth Exco Boy even have a cheek to tell us loudly”kau tak tahu apa2,kita tidak akan kalah.Pembangkang tak guna punya dan tak dapat masuk kawasan kita“-{Direct translation –You don’t know anything,we are not going to loose.Opposition no use and they will never enter our constituency}

when he said kau tak tahu apa2..hehehe I  just kept my mouth shut. I am not just a Blogger but one who has sat in the Supreme Council of a political party,went to many election wars since 1983 but the youth boys obviously knows better.( oh he forgot to check my background,even some newly elected state YBs forgot as they are hanging unknowlingly around him. The noose are on your necks YBs sorry..)

Is that the way to get the Youths to vote for ruling PM or BN? These are the saboteurs within BN as Muhyddin puts it. Am I just going to take it? Enough of this nonsense,defamation,allegations and backstabbing from this “so called Youths or “Yobs” and time to hit back.

 I will hit him so hard next time if there is ever a next time and will even be ready to face a police action. Don’t think your $$$$$$$ can help you. They are so many others who are so loaded and yet SO HUMBLED. We do not want BN name shamed because of some ignorant,arrogant and self centred individuals.

Next some so called protectors would say we should not say bad about our own BN exco’s. Go to hell with that and for good measure it is them who have been spreading the rumours,lies plus plus or etc etc which we have taken the wrap up till now. We are more BN than this double faced and useless bumps sucking on peoples blood.

Enough is enough and its time to Fight back and who cares anymore of this tossers(mind my language).BN suffered because of them and they must be punished and sent to the gallows.

{ So arrogant! and how I wished I not only can smack him/them but shake them upside down. I would have too, if my mood was not too good. This are the sort of attitude which BN must rid itself off as the voters will turn around due to insensitivities plus arrogance}

For the sake of neutrality our enemies are always by our side and our friends turn even turned against us when their rice bowls are threatened.

Are there “ANY LOYAL” friends left in this world?

Najib and Anwar have gone through many battles together and now they are at each others throats. The current situation is such in that the SEAT is only for one person and losers will have to live to fight another day or be sent into the abyss.

Anwar has done his homework and have got rid of his detractors and Najib must likewise in this couple of months or whatever reforms/tranformation programmes he has laid forward would be extinguished with attitudes of the above. This is one of  the many which will surface as our god’s given talent is to write. In the olden days we would have been executed but nowadays the socialmedia churns out truths and half truths too. It’s up to the readers to ask themselves,’Why am I reading this.?

This article is and looks like the writer is on the rampage but the names/names of the individuals are not written. Do we need to? The darkside is always the one that intriques and not the ones which are crystal clear and transparent.

Najib knows how to manouevere and he will ensure that the wrong people will not sit at the high tables and he will evenutally have his own set of TEAM members who are not only loyal but will keep him in power. Najib holds many openings for his loyalists in government related agencies/bodies and some too are holding powerful positions in corporate sectors.

Anwar on the other hand is living together with many allies in his own party and they are all watching his moves as he was from the same party with Najib eventhough it was well over 24 years ago since 1998 when he was banished from UMNO. They too know they will sacrifical lambs for slaughter if Anwar does not reach his pinnacle and they are led to believe. They too wish for Anwar to succeed to Putrajaya and powers will come with it.

It is indeed a Battle to the End and if the cracks are not patched up before the election war is declared it would spell the end for either BN or Pakatan. We write not to tell but to inform and gauge the sentiments of the voters.

Afterall everyone’s votes count and if I vote for WHOEVER ..its my choice….

p/s i will write now and again on this subject matter until this person is removed from my eyes..