PKR v SUPP at P196 Stampin.?

supp-pkr-dapWill DAP Give Way to PKR in P196?

In the 2008 General Elections the following are the results:- Yong Khoon Seng(BN 21966) Voon Lee Shan (DAP 18896) See Chee How (PKR 2198). Surely, by looking at the statistics and also the performances of DAP Assemblyman in the State 2011 Elections it looks likely that DAP stands a better chance to rattle or unseat BN in P196 Stampin.

PKR will have strong objections as their candidate have been working full time eversince See Chee How put in a poor showing in a three cornered fight in 2008. See Chee How garnered an impressive win in the last State elections in Batu Lintang Seat. He polled 13235 against BN/SUPP Sih Hua Tong 4854 while Independant Lina Soo managed 290 votes.

P196 is made up of 3 state seats in Batu Lintang,Kota Sentosa and Batu Kawah and the total votes Pakatan garnered was 33267 while BN 19520  of over 13000 votes.  What makes PKR wanting to contest? If one reads into the statistics in the last state elections the majority of votes garnered by See Chee How speaks volumes of the support for PKR. This looks likely to be a political decision where the wrong move will mean that Pakatan will not have a Parlimentarian in p196 

Moreover DAP candidate for this area is hardly seen and many voters are beginning to have the impression that DAP have suddenly been “too bossy” and “forgotten their functions as YBs in both areas” . They think they have the divine right to the seat and eventhough PKR have worked hard in P196 they will not give in to PKR’s chosen candidate Voon Shiak Ni.

SUPP have chosen Wilfred Yap 46 year old lawyer as their first choice and he is currently the SG for the Youth Central Wing. Yap have moved his machinery and seen to be engaging with DAP of late but he has been ignoring the movements by Voon. By the time elections are called this seat will have at least 89000 voters which makes it the biggest Parliamentary constituency in Sarawak.

Voon with the help of her own cyber team and ground machinery is going all out to ensure the Wanita PKR Sarawak makes a breakthrough in Sarawak. She is the National Vice Chairman of PKR and the wanita wing are all out to take on SUPP.

DAP for all their breakthrough at the State elections will also put their preferred candidates in Dr.Tang or another new face. According to sources close to Dr.Tang if there is another young candidate below 30 instead of Dr.Tang there will be a ‘serious split” in DAP ranks and file. DAP hierarchy are watching closely the ground movements and are even “willing to sacrifice’ the seat in order to see a united DAP Sarawak. 

Meanwhile PKR ADUN Batu Lintang told audie61” We will work hard to try to secure a seat in Stampin and SUPP candidate it seems could still be between Wilfred Yap and Lo Khere Chiang. Like Pakatan we are still looking at the candidate that will deliver the seat and BN likewise.

See Chee How was also trying to be diplomatic and he said if you remember what the Wanita PKR Chief Zubaidah have said,”that there was a strong possibility that Voon might be fielded in the coming GE in Stampin” She said that PKR are fighting hard to field their own and so does DAP who also wants it.

She continued that there will be only one candidate from Pakatan and we are monitoring the situation and getting public response on who is the right candidate. The odds are stacked against DAP as their candidate have yet to make their rounds and PUBLIC PERCEPTION is very important when choosing an election candidate. 

Wilfred for all his support from the CWC still needs to convince the people and the perception that he is the candidate to represent BN. He has yet to mobilise his cyber team unlike Voon who has engage and consistently inform the top Pakatan National and State leadership she is the rightful candidate to represent Pakatan.

There is so much SUPP needs to learn to transfrom in the urban area as what they have used in previous elections needs to be overhauled. The urbanites are using mostly socialmedia,blogs,linkedin,reddit,digg,stumbleupon and of course facebook. 

It is sad that many veteran and elderly politicians still believe that their tried and tested methods for campaigning still hold water. They must learn from Tun Mahathir when he was feeling sidelined he started his own blog and see how far it got him.

Its so unfortunate that Wilfred is also caught in a “time capsule” according to many cyber practitioners who feels he needs to really capitalise on this technology and feels he will be left behind in the polls. The Pakatan machinery is now in full swing and they too do not think they are certainties but they are willing to sacrifice for the party by working FULL TIME.

SUPP’s mindset has to change or else they will be served as with a tag as the ‘weak partner” of BN. PBB.PRS and SPDP have their own cyber teams in place and though their majority seats are mainly rural based their followers are very much engaging the opposition daily.

A PBB Yb even told me in his rural area even a Penghulu of nearly 70 years old are asking for Wifi 24/7 and not intermittent signals as they need to know what is being churned out through twitter/sms/blogs and facebooks. It’s getting more open and even now radios are distributed by the opposition while 1 Malaysia laptops are distributed to the rural folks by BN.

However, SUPP taking on PKR or DAP they need not only to train their cyber troops well but also need the other independant troopers who knows how to penetrate the mindset of the people and ensure that they will not be swayed come voting day. The cyber dessimation of information is not just for those who feels like engaging for social “syok sendiri” or be put in as what is now called volunteerism by many.

There are no more FREE LUNCHES in this day and age of politics unlike our forefathers days says many of the so called volunteers and party members. It’s a sad fact but this is REALITY.

Who will still believe the same daggling of carrot of promises which was used by many politicians. PKR,DAP and SUPP fighting in the urban areas needs to get the necessry tools too for their cybertroopers to use to interact and engage in cyberspace and its not CHEAP. 

It also consumes hell a lot of time which the politicians fail to notice and count in dollars hours. The cyber space are shared by many but only a handful are getting their messages and information across to create ripples and shake the whole of Malaysia.

The top leaders are all watching on the whose who in the cyberworld and anything which even scratches just their top of the foreheads needs to be addressed.

Bad publicity is a NO NO in politics and they know how difficult it is to put it right. Even by keeping quiet the votes will be losts to the other party. Some in SUPP have found out but it came a little too late. Wilfred and Voon represent the younger set of politicians and they know that this tool must and should not be disregarded.  DAP has yet to switch its own engine on and they will regret that they did it too late this time round.

P196 whoever steals a march will be sworn in as the Member of Parliament.  

5 thoughts on “PKR v SUPP at P196 Stampin.?

  1. phyllis says:

    Like this extracted statement on DAP.Speaks volumes as this is also what we hear from the ground….DAP have suddenly been “too bossy” and “forgotten their functions as YBs in both areas” . They think they have the divine right to the seat and eventhough PKR have worked hard in P196 they will not give in to PKR’s chosen candidate Voon Shiak Ni.

  2. dapinsider says:

    DAP new face Julian Tan will be fielded as candidate in Stampin, but the MACC is ever ready to open a secret file on him linking his satellite company based in KL doing deals worth billions of ringgits with GLC on many failed satellite projects as a facade for siphoning tax-payers’ money.

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