Larry Sng “An Outsider Now..?”

SWP{Sarawak Workers Party} so called BN friendly have trained their guns at PRS even since it was registered in May.There was so much “Bitternest” and Hate Venom” which both of the two party supporters have experienced in their fall out and sackings from PRS and its no wonder that the GE13 will be their battleground.

To date SWP has two State YBs in George Lagong who won as independant in Pelagus and has since joined SWP as Deputy President and Wong Judat who resigned from SPDP and chose to join SWP to engage in a personal vendetta with Joseph Salang of PRS in the nxt GE13.

A senior SWP member said”PRS James Masing has helmed the party and its time he knows that he won the decision after GE12 as BN was badly rocked by not even achieving the 2/3rds majority.BN needed the 6 PRS seats for fear that there might be crossover in the “infamous 916″ takeover of Federal government.

PRS in recent months have voiced their concerns and are very uncomfortable with the BN-friendly tag by SWP. In recent months the BN Sarawak SG Stephan Rundi has even said this”If you ask me as BN secretary-general, I see any new party that fights any of our component parties as ‘you touch one you touch all, you fight one you fight all’. This principle remains and will be there as long as BN is ruling this country

If you fight one of us, you cannot call us friends,”

Even PM Najib on June 3rd 2012 had this to say”SWP cannot claim to be BN-friendly when it wants to contest against the BN. Such action is obviously not consistent.If it is really BN-friendly, what is wrong in supporting all BN candidates. That is the crux of the issue.”

  State PKR Election Bureau secretariat official Baharuddin Mokhsen told audie61″ SWP versus PRS is good as we in PKR and Pakatan will be able to capitalise on the infighting which persists in BN. We are “well prepared for the election” anytime when Najib dissolves ParliamentBN friendly or whatever SWP wants to call it doesn’t matter to us as we have shorlisted our candidates to face BN and hurt them when they least expects. 

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu was also not too BN friendly to SWP when he termed SWP as ‘musang berbulu ayam{fox dressed up in chicken’s clothes} It’s leaders said that they are pro-BN but on the other hand it wants to fight PRS in their 6 designated areas.

SO Nyallau is not alone fighting SWP.. He has made his point in a press statement below:-


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