anwar & najib 2When Parliament is dissolved on whichever date the PM Najib so decides the battle lines have already been drawn. Those who are clearly BN will support their own man while Pakatan likewise. Many voters too have long made up their minds so they say or you presumed.

The campaign period before polling day in the 222 constituencies will no doubt turn very PERSONAL.The candidates campaign team will go all out to sway the FENCESITTERS who will be the key to this GE13.

When a former SUPP Assistant Minister told us “I thought I had nearly 3000 new voters which the party registered in my area to ensure I win hands down but  in the final analysis it became worse. We can do so much for the voters but its the TOP LEADER they want and we are just part of the whole system. This was the state elections.

In the upcoming GE13 the same application holds when the 222 candidates will determine who will be the ruling government. Their voters will want their man but the FENCESITTERS ( one who does not side) also known in this context as new voters or undecided voters holds the key.

We can campaign on issues,policies and what nots but the VOTERS will determine who sits in that chair in Putrajaya. Each 222 campaign team needs to work hard on the ground and secure the votes.

Anwar and Najib selling points are there and our Emeritus Professor told us”Najib was given the Premiership and has to be elected while Anwar desperatedly needs and wants the seat” Both will need the voters  and their candidates in 222 areas to put them to Putrajaya.

Don’t turn round and tell us next,’ We already know this,that and we have been doing the same thing and we have been winning elections after elections. ”


A BN Youth Exco Boy even have a cheek to tell us loudly”kau tak tahu apa2,kita tidak akan kalah.Pembangkang tak guna punya dan tak dapat masuk kawasan kita“-{Direct translation –You don’t know anything,we are not going to loose.Opposition no use and they will never enter our constituency}

when he said kau tak tahu apa2..hehehe I  just kept my mouth shut. I am not just a Blogger but one who has sat in the Supreme Council of a political party,went to many election wars since 1983 but the youth boys obviously knows better.( oh he forgot to check my background,even some newly elected state YBs forgot as they are hanging unknowlingly around him. The noose are on your necks YBs sorry..)

Is that the way to get the Youths to vote for ruling PM or BN? These are the saboteurs within BN as Muhyddin puts it. Am I just going to take it? Enough of this nonsense,defamation,allegations and backstabbing from this “so called Youths or “Yobs” and time to hit back.

 I will hit him so hard next time if there is ever a next time and will even be ready to face a police action. Don’t think your $$$$$$$ can help you. They are so many others who are so loaded and yet SO HUMBLED. We do not want BN name shamed because of some ignorant,arrogant and self centred individuals.

Next some so called protectors would say we should not say bad about our own BN exco’s. Go to hell with that and for good measure it is them who have been spreading the rumours,lies plus plus or etc etc which we have taken the wrap up till now. We are more BN than this double faced and useless bumps sucking on peoples blood.

Enough is enough and its time to Fight back and who cares anymore of this tossers(mind my language).BN suffered because of them and they must be punished and sent to the gallows.

{ So arrogant! and how I wished I not only can smack him/them but shake them upside down. I would have too, if my mood was not too good. This are the sort of attitude which BN must rid itself off as the voters will turn around due to insensitivities plus arrogance}

For the sake of neutrality our enemies are always by our side and our friends turn even turned against us when their rice bowls are threatened.

Are there “ANY LOYAL” friends left in this world?

Najib and Anwar have gone through many battles together and now they are at each others throats. The current situation is such in that the SEAT is only for one person and losers will have to live to fight another day or be sent into the abyss.

Anwar has done his homework and have got rid of his detractors and Najib must likewise in this couple of months or whatever reforms/tranformation programmes he has laid forward would be extinguished with attitudes of the above. This is one of  the many which will surface as our god’s given talent is to write. In the olden days we would have been executed but nowadays the socialmedia churns out truths and half truths too. It’s up to the readers to ask themselves,’Why am I reading this.?

This article is and looks like the writer is on the rampage but the names/names of the individuals are not written. Do we need to? The darkside is always the one that intriques and not the ones which are crystal clear and transparent.

Najib knows how to manouevere and he will ensure that the wrong people will not sit at the high tables and he will evenutally have his own set of TEAM members who are not only loyal but will keep him in power. Najib holds many openings for his loyalists in government related agencies/bodies and some too are holding powerful positions in corporate sectors.

Anwar on the other hand is living together with many allies in his own party and they are all watching his moves as he was from the same party with Najib eventhough it was well over 24 years ago since 1998 when he was banished from UMNO. They too know they will sacrifical lambs for slaughter if Anwar does not reach his pinnacle and they are led to believe. They too wish for Anwar to succeed to Putrajaya and powers will come with it.

It is indeed a Battle to the End and if the cracks are not patched up before the election war is declared it would spell the end for either BN or Pakatan. We write not to tell but to inform and gauge the sentiments of the voters.

Afterall everyone’s votes count and if I vote for WHOEVER ..its my choice….

p/s i will write now and again on this subject matter until this person is removed from my eyes..

3 thoughts on “ANWAR V NAJIB ONLY.?

  1. sarawakiana says:

    More like it. This is intrique. A lot of Ooomph and give them a good one. We should not fear those who think they can make use of us to get somewhere. Tohell with them. Agree with audie61. Salute.

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