Ambiga-5 months later Debates Again ..?

Pakatan seems to be running out of issues as they play the same record all over once at least every 6 months. The debate issue which was brought up about 5 months ago surfaced again two days ago.

This was extracted  from a portal”Ambiga’s call on Najib to debate with Anwar in order to allow voters to gauge which political coalition was qualified to lead the nation.

She also said that Bersih would consider mounting a public petition to pressure the prime minister into agreeing to the debate.”

Seriously, didn’t the defacto PKR leader Anwar challenged Najib in June 2012. Please find below the link which says it all:-

It gets even better though as “Tokong” LGE and “Reformasi Princess” Nurul Izzah tries also to entice PM Najib for a showdown and it headlined {Lim Guan Eng and Nurul Izzah take the prime minister to task for dodging the calls for a debate with the opposition leader}

PM Najib according to a follower of  audie61 twitter he replied to us “Najib may not be an outstanding orator but he is a silent achiever.” in reply to our tweet{ Ambiga said”Bersih also wd initiate a petition calling for d 2leaders to debate}

Isn’t this REPETITION like many others during their ceramahs which the rakyat have heard like a broken old record. There is nothing new and it justs shows their strategists are being paid handsomely but politically churning like the Voice from the Speaker of the Van calling “old Newspapers” a former BN Sarawak YB said this clearly shows they have come to a dead-end and they are only capable of repeating the same old story.

Well PKR and Pakatan YBs you have boasted that we might not be as good as your strategists which you proclaimed so HIGHLY and we are no way near and also second rate. However we do not need to remind you though, even a mosquito bite like ours will be enough to give you the deadly AEDES sickness.



3 thoughts on “Ambiga-5 months later Debates Again ..?

  1. Ambiga must have got her country wrong. Malaysia is not USA lah. Oooops did she get it right or has she got political agenda?

  2. Anwar seems to be running scared as he has said so much and promised a bucketful of changes to the people of Malaysia. Anwar feels that he needs to push Najib for Debate. Dream on as Najib is not going to be lamb for slaughter.

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