Bloggers you are Shamed..You Ready..??

FIRE! It requires justs a little spark to set it in motion. Haris Ibrahim(Mr.ABU- People’s Parlaiament blog who i met together with SKY(Sim Kwang Yang) initiator of Hornbill Unleashed , Bernard Khoo of Zorro Unmasked and Wong Chin Huat (Now very Mr.Bersihman).Del Capo( Mr.Lynas Green) are now all in their final stages of moving in towards the kill for the BN/UMNO bloggers and FB.

Little did i know that when i first started in on 1st of May 2008 with my very first article-{The Battle of Sarawak 2010-Wave or Changes} now after 4 years 1561 articles later that I will be crossing paths with them but in different boats or i should say yachts (as now mosts of them are so sophisticated and tech savvy that they can afford the luxuries.(Didn’t Haris met RPK in Thailand on one.Seems they had a fall-out.No more BFF..hik hik hik.}.

The GE13 the mother of all battles between BN v Pakatan is in actual fact targetted at mainly UMNO (strongest partner in BN coalition ) and the warcry/slogans not only comes with A.B.U.(Asalkan bukan UMNO) now colours are also waving frantically with-Black,Orange,Yellow and Now Lime Green are all very much of the Pakatan armoury.

Pakatan worst fears are that the elite UMNO bloggers and cybertroopers assemble their armies together with Sarawak and Sabah providing the back up if UMNO/BN suffers badly in Peninsular. Peninsular has 166 seats with Sarawak 31 and sabah 25 (222 total) and BN has amassed all that crawls,can type,does upload and able to think A BIT to bolster the BN machinery.

Haris Ibrahim knows that many Pakatan bloggers/Fb take forgranted that the people will still vote for PR in 2013. He has taken the first step to reveal his so called friends to the world and telling PR we must know our enemies. He blogged this and with the pictures inserted he had this to say about 5 of them.I’ve pointed out and named the five that I know of.Do you know any of them in this photo?If you do, name them and shame them

Many in Sarawak or Sabah are not even in their lists of targets are we are all too small a fly and not worth the bother. Many too are still green,unable to give them an intellectual discourse and they wont even bother to CLICK the sites let alone lift a finger at them. The elitists are targetted and Haris wants everyone to jump and run rapidly like cockroaches to their masters. He is hoping to get a backlash from the FB BN Cybertroopers and Pakatan bloggers will have a field day.

Attack they can but BN bloggers know where their achilles heels are and we will hit them hardest at the mosts appropriate time. This though unless some amongst us who decide otherwise to join forces again with them which must not be ruled out. There are already one or two who are seriously looking over the rainbow as the BN machinery has overlooked the elite bloggers plus seasoned writers to the more newly named social media practitioners who can posts in Face Books. Some even called themselves Social Media Specialists. Walau eh..Hail them! Hail them!

PM Najib knows that and he too is fully aware of whether the penetration is fully utilised to silence the Pakatan bloggers and FB. In armies and police force there are elite squads and in cyber sapce there are such practitioners. Some have been really overlooked and the gutter politics plus other explicit storuies does not sell to the fence sitters and youths of today. BN’s political teams are already in place and the ‘nukes” must find, destroy and annihilate them 

Pakatan bloggers posts pictures and they maximise their machinery to the fullest but the Generals in place in the BN(sorry to mention this some will be furious,angered (kecil hati) and they keep on saying the people will vote BN. {Its simple if every day you take a small potion of heroin eventually you will be addicted too}

Some dont even dare to put their faces in their blogs or FB but they say they are so this and that. Many SYOK SENDIRI SAHAJA. Hitler would have been proud of them as he had only the SS (special squad) while in Malaysia there are those with 3S’s.

The battle in cyberspace is not easy and it requires patience,passion and a lot of research to get down to the bottom of issues and perception which is being played up.

If we were to take the the spat between the CM Taib and his wife Ragaad it should not have even made it to Sarawak Report Portal let alone other blogs as to us its more of a personal matter. Yes,he is a public figure and his every move is monitored but if we were to turn it round it would be ” You are fooled. Taib was supposed to buy the latest top model Handset for Ragaad and she expected to receive it that morning but unfortunately it was not the one promised. So she was not too pleased” So its all about how one writes.

CM Taib has a young wife and many who have young wife  out there knows that its about Compromising to their wishes and “mesti sayang bah” love with all our hearts. It didnt make the Hollywood pages of gossips and to us its more personal abnd we should be worrying more about Taib not working for the State.

CM Taib said to audie61 if he is not working 8am-5pm we should be worried as he is neglecting his duties to the State and People of Sarawak {oh! No! I will be getting a number of hate smses from some cyber troopers plus you know who…. those who misinterpret what i have written.}

Its a Perception game in cyberspace and very soon with all the venom and hate thrown about there will be little left for anyone to think who they will vote for in GE13. The fence sitters will surely be watching closely and they will be the deciding factor and not many who tell us that (underage and other nationalities will join in the voting process)

If they are why dont each political party put up their elite teams of muscleman and stop them at the polling booths.

The bloggers mentioned in the photographs are not my buddies as we too, did not start on the same wavelength but here’s hoping that after giving them support and telling Haris {please brother thought you are more gentleman than that) a phonecall would make my day.

Pakatan bloggers we are ready and audie61 team would be ready to lend our hands. Our BN/SUPP P196 candidate Wilfred Yap have seen the team of 23 personnels in action and he too can vouched that BN is ready in all eventualities. His constituency has over 85000 voters.

Even ADUN Pending DAP Violet Yong said”why are you all not my friend anymore as she talked to audie61 and all of your FB team are attacking me so incessantly

The YBs and MPs are feeling the heat from the blogs more so as the FB needs to be reposts and reposts. Ask Papagomo who was attacked by until a truce was brokered. They say dont play play with us (famously uttered by Phua Chu Kang) or you will feel the thunder and lightning raining down.

Today we might be Shamed but who will be whipped tomorrow…

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