Najib Lawan Anwar..

Obviously the No.1 aim is to take control of Putrajaya and the players involved meaning the other 220 MPs( Total 222 seats) will determine who will be the Prime Minister after GE13. 

Anwar keeps on painting the picture that the people are ready for change, to take over and his statement last night at Kota Baru,‘Even though people will be receiving the (RM500) BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia), but I am confident that they are biding their time to cast out the BN”

This Message have reached the ears of Najib and the counter reactions will come swiftly and in politics nothing must be taken to chance. All the 222 SELECTED BN candidates must deliver likewise the 222 Pakatan or the realisation of their dreams will evaporate to wrestle control for their Political Commanders in Chief.

If you are not selected to be the candidate this time round you do not need a clairvoyant to tell you as the stakes are higher than any other General Elections and its up to… 

The Final analysis which is Najib Lawan Anwar…..

4 thoughts on “Najib Lawan Anwar..

  1. phyllis says:

    Najib is worried as he is sitting in as a DEFAULT PM by virtue that Abdullah stepped down and Anwar knows Najib is worried sick that he is postponing to call for GE13. Anwar will throw all his punches and use all he has to get to Putrajaya. Najib has served and win or lose he will have served as PM

  2. matsarawak says:

    i question myself why would they claim themselves as parti pakatan rakyat but they won’t register their party? logically thinking is because all the parties have their own agenda. if they say that they are united, be my guest and register the party. i want to see the top people from DAP, PAS, and PKR in one party. But no… until now they don’t dare to do that. i won’t be surprise to see once pru13 is announced, the whole group would go haywire. Because one thing for sure once greed is set upon them they would not give a damn about relationship among the parties.

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