P196 Stampin SUPP/BN Candidate “I Always Deliver..

A day after the announcement of his candidacy by the SUPP Central Committee the young Lawyer and SG for Youth Central said to audie61.

These are the 6 words” I Always Deliver what I Promise” I will go all out to assist anyone who is in need of help and assistance. True to his words very early in the morning he was at the scene close to the workers of Sanmina-SCI who were retrenched and protested in numbers and asked for fair compensation.

He came early,listened to them,comfort them and he told the spokesman that he will personally look into their problems on the compensation scheme and he met up with the Assistant Director of Labour with the employees in a closed door meeting,

His actions together with P195 Candidate Tan Kai giving morale support too help stopped the protestors from making the wrong moves and the Protests.

The DAP YBs Violet,Wong and Chiew were there but they did not come out with a solution but onlyjust to be seen at the protests. The Police on duty were very pleased that the protests stopped after the intervention by BN members.

Wilfred Yap will be near you and he will say to you in person” I always deliver what I Promise” 

He is the real deal and he means what he says…

6 thoughts on “P196 Stampin SUPP/BN Candidate “I Always Deliver..

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Many non bumi excellent students who fail to get admission to higher learning institutions of their choices need your help too,can you help when Perkasa cries hard that those seats are reserved for Bumis only ?, Wilfred

  2. Busy body says:

    Who created the problem in the first place?

    Mac on behalf of nmo talk about hudud to the chinese to get what.

    Why get poh gee? Get the drains build and stop talking?

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