SUPP’s Central Committee Press Statement

audie61 tweeted earlier about 6 hours ago when we met SUPP President Peter Chin at the Youth Chiefs Office at the party headquarters and he told us frankly. Inform all the BN Sarawak friends “we are not leaving BN” We dont make rational decisions and we go through the proper party processes.

As Tweets allowed only 150 words we put it down as …SUPP Prexy said to audie61″ We will not leave BN as speculated n as responsible Partner only a serious breach will make us do it”


7 thoughts on “SUPP’s Central Committee Press Statement

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Leave or stay with BN makes no different at all for SUPP,it remains irrelevant

    For decades they are made stooges and puppets of BN Top Guns aiming for personal interests rather fighting for the well-being of the Chinese community.

    • Sack Supp says:

      to add to your points: Sucked United Proxy Party = SUPP

      – take care of the tops and fame/money fighting SUPP appointed community heads
      – pretend to care for the below and poor, when doing a bit of goodness, they need all newspaper to be present to boast out
      – take near ZERO care for us Dayak, though pretending to do so, but not in the hearts of those Chinese tops and tycoons
      – interested in HUDUD? are they out of points and ideas for other more important issues? why scare of HUDUD if one live and behave correctly?

      SUPP is now worse that a piece of dog shit on the road,spell its bad smell. Talk more than action though in the so called government, let see what come out from these suggested points above.

      It is good that they have been taught a hard lesson by opposition especially DAP and wake up from being a piece od dead meat. Wake Up, SUPP, you must, or be eliminated.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    CM of Malacca,Ali Rustam says he is just an ordinary servant working for the Rakyat and NOT rich as what most people think.

    Surprisingly,his son’s wedding attendants which was held day ago has set ” A Msian Record ” of 130000 visitors including all Msia VVIPs.

    Is he filthy rich ?

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Why Najib and all senior ministers were absent from Budget debate though they claimed as BEST EVER BUDGET with 2516000 million.

    All Barks with No bites

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Audie,cut in subsidy for sugar means increase in price NOT decease or Drop.Dont get it wrong.

    To general public,many are of the perception that cut in subsidies means cut in prices which is wrong .

    Sugar is now RM 2.50 per kilo in Semenanjung and RM 2.60 in Swak as compare to just RM 2.30 and RM 2.40 respectively before subsidy cut Budget 2013.

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